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I honestly think it may have been that you hyped the sound up a little too much for yourself in your head. Although sending it back to Audez'e could be worth a shot
OP already said that its not the 500. Hence my use of incredible deductive skills to determine that it will, indeed, be the 400.
Those are the different gain settings. Basically, it'll decide the volume and how well driven the headphones are; at lower gain settings it might not be driven well. 
Definitely the 400. From the site: "HiFiMAN in stock: HE-400, HE-500, HE-6" If its not the 500...
That's the rosewood one, Bamboo is still at 995. :)
I got mine for $895, just check the b-stock of basically any audio store and hope that you find one. I got mine from headroom personally
The 2 has a very distinctive sound signature. And just because a headphone is technically superior doesn't mean that it will reproduce that sound signature properly, which can make a sound signature sound worse; beauty is in the eye of the beholder
 I think thats a personal choice. Some people have regretted moving from the LCD-2 to the 3: its a very distinctive sound signature.
I agree for the most part, but my question is: has anyone verified that the pictured packaging is how it will be sold? How do we know that its not just pretty packaging for the trade shows?
Yeah, but then a lot of people will tell you that much better value can be had for the same price as the ath-m50's. so it goes both ways.
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