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Hey guys! I'm interested in getting into the vintage scene to replace my lepai, which is driving my Pioneer bs22's and soon a Logan Martin Dynamo 300. And, to pair with my LCD 2 as a bonus! How do I go about getting into this? From what I've seen, buying locally is the most effective option, but I wouldn't know where to go in Miami to find this stuff. Also, what should I be looking for in the 100-200 range?
Ah okay, thanks!
This might be a silly question, but I am in the market to get a Project Ember to pair with my aune t1 and LCD 2, and I was wondering what the 1a+ sc heater option did? I tried google but came up blank.
Does anyone have thoughts on using the T1 paired with a Project Ember? Do you think there would be a noticeable improvement? (with LCD-2's)
Is there anywhere we can buy Rev 1 pads? 
Have you tried changing the pads? I belive the new pads were found to move them closer to LCD-3 territory
I honestly think it may have been that you hyped the sound up a little too much for yourself in your head. Although sending it back to Audez'e could be worth a shot
OP already said that its not the 500. Hence my use of incredible deductive skills to determine that it will, indeed, be the 400.
Those are the different gain settings. Basically, it'll decide the volume and how well driven the headphones are; at lower gain settings it might not be driven well. 
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