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Yeah, I was using them with a Lepai tripath, which is only 20 wpc. The SX750 definitely looks like an option, its widely available on ebay for 250-300, and one on craigslist near me for $150. The only thing is that every time I look up something I find on ebay or craigslist, I find an AudioKarma thread where someone says they found it at a thrift shop for ~$30, or asking if they should spend $100 on something, and everyone saying no. Is this just something I'll have to...
Thanks for the advice! I kind of followed it - after doing some searching, I found a local who is heavily into vintage audio and contacted him. Unfortunately, he told me that because of the number of "flippers" in Miami, the odds of finding something at a good price are very, very low.  On that note, it has occurred to me that I could potentially kill two birds with one stone if I do decide to go the vintage route. I was going to go with a Project Ember to replace the amp...
Thanks so much! I'll PM you so as to not clutter up the thread, but I hope to be joining all of you soon in the vintage hunt!
Hey guys! I'm interested in getting into the vintage scene to replace my lepai, which is driving my Pioneer bs22's and soon a Logan Martin Dynamo 300. And, to pair with my LCD 2 as a bonus! How do I go about getting into this? From what I've seen, buying locally is the most effective option, but I wouldn't know where to go in Miami to find this stuff. Also, what should I be looking for in the 100-200 range?
Ah okay, thanks!
This might be a silly question, but I am in the market to get a Project Ember to pair with my aune t1 and LCD 2, and I was wondering what the 1a+ sc heater option did? I tried google but came up blank.
Does anyone have thoughts on using the T1 paired with a Project Ember? Do you think there would be a noticeable improvement? (with LCD-2's)
Is there anywhere we can buy Rev 1 pads? 
Have you tried changing the pads? I belive the new pads were found to move them closer to LCD-3 territory
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