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If the output transistors are the big silver ones, then they're not hot at all. The boards near the heatsink/power supply are the only ones putting out heat. I'll order deoxit and cooling spray asap. Thanks so much, I'm definitely gonna try to fix it.
It doesn't go silent - it turns off. Completely. And then after a while, it comes back up again, all by itself. Turning it on and off right after doesnt help either. Which sounds like a heat problem to me maybe? But its never too hot to touch. Which ones are the output resistors? I'm a nub haha, and in highschool. And no, havent gotten around to using deoxit and replacing fuses, I have exams so I was waiting.
Just stopping by to verify something - I've heard that the McIntosh 1900 has a weak power switch, so I plugged it into a switch at the outlet. Is this the right idea? Sidenote, hopefully I'll soon be able to build my case for it. EDIT: HELP. This just started, but the receiver has just started shutting off mid play. It wasn't on too long and doesnt feel all that hot. Where do I start?
Mmkay, thats what I was looking for - I don't see any. I will at some point attempt to recap this myself, though, just to be safe and to have it running at its peak. I'm a high school kid though, and I basically learn by doing, but I'd rather not break this. Is there anywhere I can find a really simple guide on recapping in general? Obviously not model specific.  And good to know. I'm fine with the temperature that its running at, so I guess I'll be building it a vented...
There's no a cracking on the cap that I can see - as for leakage, I don't see anything but I'm not sure if I'm looking for the right things. I did check, and the cap doesn't get hot while playing. Just out of curiosity, how hot should these receivers be running on average? I don't think I'm even close to a dangerously hot temperature, some parts are warm to the touch, but they don't burn. Still figured I should check, though.
Well, I'm back guys - and with news! I didn't think I'd be jumping in quite this quickly, but I'm happy to say that I'm the proud new owner of a brand new - to me - McIntosh Mac 1900. She seems to be in perfect working condition, and I got her for an absolute STEAL. (A special thanks should go out to PhoenixG for all the help) Although I don't have much to compare it to, she's driving my BS22's like a champ, and I've never heard them sound so good. She's an absolute...
What in the world. I don't know what I'm doing, or if I'm just selectively blind to good deals. I JUST went through the ebay newly listed vintage amps and came up with squat. I've seen online that a good price for the SA9500 is around 450? Looks like a good price.
Yeah, I was using them with a Lepai tripath, which is only 20 wpc. The SX750 definitely looks like an option, its widely available on ebay for 250-300, and one on craigslist near me for $150. The only thing is that every time I look up something I find on ebay or craigslist, I find an AudioKarma thread where someone says they found it at a thrift shop for ~$30, or asking if they should spend $100 on something, and everyone saying no. Is this just something I'll have to...
Thanks for the advice! I kind of followed it - after doing some searching, I found a local who is heavily into vintage audio and contacted him. Unfortunately, he told me that because of the number of "flippers" in Miami, the odds of finding something at a good price are very, very low.  On that note, it has occurred to me that I could potentially kill two birds with one stone if I do decide to go the vintage route. I was going to go with a Project Ember to replace the amp...
Thanks so much! I'll PM you so as to not clutter up the thread, but I hope to be joining all of you soon in the vintage hunt!
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