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Yeah, I'm sure there are better receivers out there - in fact, the man who runs the repair shop I went to let me listen to a Sansui G-9000 today, and it was quite an experience. Every time I take another step in my audio journey I'm amazed that there is, in fact, more clarity and better sound to be had. I'll stop upgrading once the audible difference is gone, I suppose. For now though, I'm happy to report that I finally went and picked up my MAC 1900 and its working (and...
Thanks! Yeah, I love my 1900, although my opinion isn't much to go off of since its the nicest amp I've had/listened to. I don't really use the tuner myself, since the local stations are of no interest to me. Out of curiousity though, whats wrong with it? The icing on the cake is that the price of the repair wasn't too much so I'm still coming in at well under market value! Hopefully it should keep me content and fend off that little voice telling me to upgrade for a while!
Hey all, its been a while since I've posted in the thread, although I've been dutifully lurking since my last appearance. After months of not using my MAC 1900 for fear of damaging the poor thing (overheating problems), I finally found the money to send it in for repairs. I get it back tomorrow and am incredibly excited to have it driving my LCD2's and bs22's again - my Aune T1 and Lepai T amp have done their best but simply can't put out the same quality and power....
If the output transistors are the big silver ones, then they're not hot at all. The boards near the heatsink/power supply are the only ones putting out heat. I'll order deoxit and cooling spray asap. Thanks so much, I'm definitely gonna try to fix it.
It doesn't go silent - it turns off. Completely. And then after a while, it comes back up again, all by itself. Turning it on and off right after doesnt help either. Which sounds like a heat problem to me maybe? But its never too hot to touch. Which ones are the output resistors? I'm a nub haha, and in highschool. And no, havent gotten around to using deoxit and replacing fuses, I have exams so I was waiting.
Just stopping by to verify something - I've heard that the McIntosh 1900 has a weak power switch, so I plugged it into a switch at the outlet. Is this the right idea? Sidenote, hopefully I'll soon be able to build my case for it. EDIT: HELP. This just started, but the receiver has just started shutting off mid play. It wasn't on too long and doesnt feel all that hot. Where do I start?
Mmkay, thats what I was looking for - I don't see any. I will at some point attempt to recap this myself, though, just to be safe and to have it running at its peak. I'm a high school kid though, and I basically learn by doing, but I'd rather not break this. Is there anywhere I can find a really simple guide on recapping in general? Obviously not model specific.  And good to know. I'm fine with the temperature that its running at, so I guess I'll be building it a vented...
There's no a cracking on the cap that I can see - as for leakage, I don't see anything but I'm not sure if I'm looking for the right things. I did check, and the cap doesn't get hot while playing. Just out of curiosity, how hot should these receivers be running on average? I don't think I'm even close to a dangerously hot temperature, some parts are warm to the touch, but they don't burn. Still figured I should check, though.
Well, I'm back guys - and with news! I didn't think I'd be jumping in quite this quickly, but I'm happy to say that I'm the proud new owner of a brand new - to me - McIntosh Mac 1900. She seems to be in perfect working condition, and I got her for an absolute STEAL. (A special thanks should go out to PhoenixG for all the help) Although I don't have much to compare it to, she's driving my BS22's like a champ, and I've never heard them sound so good. She's an absolute...
What in the world. I don't know what I'm doing, or if I'm just selectively blind to good deals. I JUST went through the ebay newly listed vintage amps and came up with squat. I've seen online that a good price for the SA9500 is around 450? Looks like a good price.
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