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Just got my HEM6 in - loving them so far, although its a little early for impressions. One question - how do I go about taking the cables off? They were hard to get on, and now I'm scared I'll break something trying to get them off.
Thanks! I'll definitely post my thoughts. Quick question - I've read through the entire thread and saw that you mention using the Alo Audio Tinsel 2 pin with the HEM's. Would you say its a worthwhile investment (even if just in build quality - don't want to get into snake oil territory here)? Also, they fit completely, right?
Been a while since I've posted here... Grabbed the HEM6 for 199 in the Amazon lightning deal - beyond excited since my preferred sound signature is that of the LCD-2. Hoping I've finally found an IEM that'll suit me, and at an awesome price.
The deal's gone, I guess they ran out of stock.
Insanely excited for this. I've been around the block, starting with IEMs and graduating through portable cans into full size, but I somehow never felt compelled to get a portable amp. I do now...
My question was more on terms of the quality of the DACs in these older CD changers - it doesn't have a digital out, unfortunately. I considered opening it up and trying to hack together a digital out, but I don't have the technical knowhow. Thanks for the insight, however. Since I ripped the FLACs from the CDs, I doubt the mix is much different.
Quick question for you guys regarding my setup - although its not receiver related, I figured you guys would be the best place to come for advice. I recently came into a JVC 200 CD changer, a xl-mc222bk, along with a bunch of CD's (all of U2, REM, and many others) for free. Since I mainly use open LCD 2's with my setup, and my computer can be quite loud, I'd love to be able to use the CD player into my mac-1900 to have a quiet(er) listening environment. The only catch is,...
This is exactly what I expect as well. I personally love the intimacy and dense fluidity of my pre fazor pair of LCD2's, so I've refused the urge to upgrade so far. I just don't think that I want to hunt for an airier soundstage and a "cleaned up" low end - I knew what I was buying with the LCD 2's. If I feel like going after that, I'll get a new pair of headphones, but my 2's are staying put as is.  Yeah, thats what I always told myself, too. Started off with a pair of...
Thanks for the warm response guys! To be completely honest I wouldn't know anything about the "classic McIntosh sound" considering my experience, but maybe I'll get to experience it later on (probably after college and whatnot). Till then, I'll be happy with what I've got, and keep an eye out for good deals. You guys know so much about all this equipment, I'll be floored to ever know half as much! Thanks again!
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