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I bought another pair and noticed the 2012 version has better ear pads. More padding and firmer.
I use a Panasonic LX5 camera. It's not that fancy at $339. I use two lights. One with normal bulb and the other with Daylight bulb. It gives a good color in the videos when used together.
Thanks for the review.  
break-in is a must with these cans.  Sounds much better after 48 hours.   I have this coming this week.  Will do a comparison so stay tuned.  
I hope someone here with XB300 can help post some pictures of how the ear pads come off and what it looks like on the back.  I was thinking of installing those pads on my Grado RS1i.  Thought?
Yeah, I am disappointed in how tight the fit is.  I removed the cushions for storage.
This thread is a monster.  I am getting mine next week so I have high hopes. 
I ordered it from Harman this morning for $166 delivered.  A little more than Thomann. :-(  Thanks for letting me know about them.
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