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Only got about 20 hours on it, NEW condition! reason for selling is in my other FS thread, I am selling the Hifiman HE6 headphones as well.    $2000 shipped for buying them together! here is the link:   Thank you
Hi everyone!   Since earlier this year, I started my own business, and I've been so busy since then, didn't really get chances to listen to music. So I am letting these amazing headphones go, got them about a year and half ago, had about 500 hours, but 70% is just for burn in. haven't touched them since earlier this year, so the condition is just like new.    Don't know about the current used headphone I am asking for $850 shipped in CON US, let me...
Bought the G08.2 CD player earlier this year, had it wrapped with plastic wrap to protect the top glass area, so absolutely in MINT condition with no scratches. Selling it just because I need money to repair my car:( My pain is your gain.    
Thank you. drSonic offered me $50 more, but I just can't take his offer since I have already made the deal with you. Enjoy the headphones
I feel like I have to say something. So here is the truth. drSonic contacted me three days ago, and asked many question, for example he asked if it is the silver cable, I said No but I will including the HE6 cable, then he asked me to let Fang send me the HE500 silver cable since we know each other, I told him Fang was busy, that can't be happen. Then he asked if I have the leather pads, I told him these are the earlier model of HE500, no leather pads included while I got...
No, the only difference between the newer version and older version is the cable, but I will include the he6 cable with them.  
need cash..
Pics will be uploaded tomorrow, ships anywhere in the world.   Had them for about 7 months, 200 hours in them.   Asking for $550+paypal fee(unless you send the money as gift)+shipping   Thanks
pictures added
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