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I also got an email from Edwin, that my goods has been shipped, but that DHL needs some days to update the tracking to them. That will be that Honkong-China thing Mr. Kingma wrote about
^ ah, ok   Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm probably buying the C-2.1 to pair with my NFB-3 DAC. LCD-2 are cans I could want in the future, although T1 is higher on the list, which are known to be easier to drive then LCD-2. I was just wondering were the limits are for C-2.1...
^ yes, reading about LCD-2 needing a lot of juice, not so much as HE-6 offcourse, but they seem to be needing a lot   I was just wondering if c-2.1 would give enough (not C-2 SA)
I'm curious about this;   are the C-2/C-2.1 also capable of driving the LCD-2 in a decent way?
^ exactly, because of these kind of experiences (everytime 1 week delay etc. etc.), people won't believe Audio Gd's customer's service anymore, and they're probably right about it in too many instances.   Better then to simply don't make promises, don't estimate, don't say it's about to be shipped in a week, simple don't make promises you know are impossible to keep.    The fact that these Amps/Dacs are so extremely good value for the money won't outweigh the...
@Kingwa   Very positive you read and react to this thread:)   Mistakes can always happen and I think that this head-fi community can also see that the demand for your products is very high, thus waiting times are simply part of the deal with buying from Audio GD at the moment. But could you please make your workers do honest and a little bit more accurate estimation times?   For example; i ordered the NFB-3 11 days ago. Edwin estimated 10 days, while people...
still available
I'm considering to let go my classic AKG's: K-340's.   They're very nice and I prefer them over K500,501/601/70X, but they don't get the time they deserve.   The cans are offcourse in used condition, but are in fine shape and haven't got any defects. The pads of these are in good shape and very usable, one could always order the AKG velour pads offcourse for increased comfort. The elastics lost their stretch. Cable, plug are in good shape.   I'll consider all...
^ jep, that's a nice one
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