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hehe, I already thought you were Dutch or Belgian (your name). Take your time and enjoy the ride, my fellow Dutch speeking man! And please, don't buy the 480, you can do a lot better.  
Welcome to head-fi!   For 300 euro's you can do a lot better then pay for noise cancelling mediocre headphones (at least for that price).   You can buy a pretty decent headphone amp, lod cable and Sennheiser HD-25 for that price for example, which blows the AKG 480 away. A good portable AKG option would be the K181   Another nice portable for under that price could be the Audio Technica ESW9. You could even buy a Beyerdynamic 1350 or Audio Technica...
looks nice, personally, I don't need the metal box, I'd rather get a plastic hardcover or something like the silicone cover that's includes with the E7.   I hope it hits the market soon, I thought it would be sold in march (didn't read every FiiO topic, so probably missed a couple of things) I still like the FiiO stuff, my wallet is waiting to pay for this thing....
nice David, enjoy the job!
exactly, totally agreed. My probleem lies not with the waiting, better to wait longer then for them to rush it. The problem is/was promises not being kept, misinformation etc.   But it's also understood that mr. Kingwa maybe didn't expect his business to grow at the rate it does now. He needs to do some reorganisation. The way the company is going to deal with these things the coming months is very important. I'm sure they will do their best with good intentions.  
Yes!   Seriously, I still can hardly believe it. I really believe it when I see that tracking number.   I haven't got any idea why mine's so fast. I emailed Edwin that they estimated 10 days and didn't make it, that I'm fine with waiting, but that I'd like to have an honest and bit accurate estimation of how long it will take, then he told me it was ready   Not complaining offcourse.  
I also got an email from Edwin, that my goods has been shipped, but that DHL needs some days to update the tracking to them. That will be that Honkong-China thing Mr. Kingma wrote about
^ ah, ok   Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm probably buying the C-2.1 to pair with my NFB-3 DAC. LCD-2 are cans I could want in the future, although T1 is higher on the list, which are known to be easier to drive then LCD-2. I was just wondering were the limits are for C-2.1...
^ yes, reading about LCD-2 needing a lot of juice, not so much as HE-6 offcourse, but they seem to be needing a lot   I was just wondering if c-2.1 would give enough (not C-2 SA)
I'm curious about this;   are the C-2/C-2.1 also capable of driving the LCD-2 in a decent way?
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