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very nice topic   For my new house, I was thinking about putting framed posters of some personal classic albums on the wall in the music room. Do you guys know some nice online stores where you can buy these things?   (I don't mean actual frames LP's, but the fronts/posters of the albums)    
2.5 years threat resurrection ^ but what the h#ll:   without any doubt, The Joshua Tree.   Not a very big U2 fan (anymore), but Joshua defined music for me in my youth and as a matter of fact, it's probably my personal favorite album ever made in musical history. Never did and will do an album do things for me like this one did.   As Erik said more then 2 years ago, it's an album for the times brings back nostalgia, it never fails to do that for me.
Rob, I didn't spend much time lately on head-fi because I'm very busy, but I just found out about your review and read it.   Just want to thank you for a very nice write up, as usual.   Head-fi hypes many stuff and persons, but you are the guy who really deserves the praise. As always, a great read with exactly the info I needed.   So I guess you're responsible for me buying this now.   Thanks for the effort and time you always put in these kind of...
If I'd live in Conus, I'd be following MLB, I love baseball, one of the greatest sports out there for me.   Watching live games here means staying up all night. Occasionally I do that for a game, like the final World Cup game were Holland beat Cuba for the 2nd time in one week
Exactly what I was thinking during reading parts of this review, or better said; long list of personal impressions
I can see myself having an LCD-3 before the year is over
Opeth - Heritage Paion of Salvation - Road Salt 2 King Crimson - Discipline (20th anniversary edition) King Crimson - Starless and Bible Black (20th anniversary edition) Putumayo - American Blues
  The way I read it, they will release 3x 5 albums and in eacht package one will also include a DVD-A. So if sector 1 has Fly By Night as 5.1/24bit DVD-A, it will also have Fly By Night as normal cd and the other 4 as normal cd    
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