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  ^ Definitely my most listened to album of november. Great re-issue, the album itselve doesn't need any introduction, i guess.
on the rare side of medium when having good quality beef, but on the well done side of medium when having less then top quality
Thanks for your intention and effort, Ross, it's still appreciated
I'm in   Proglover - Dave - the Netherlands - Wordwide
This is an interest check for my D7000.   Bought less then a year ago, with receipt and warrantee, in mint condition with everyhing included.   Reason for a potential sell is that I have some other headphones around which I use more often.   Will ship worldwide. Will accept paypal, fees are for the buyer unless paid as gift.
I'm in   Proglover - Dave - The Netherlands - Worldwide (if given enough time for it)
^ thanks mate!
Are we still going to have an exchange gift 2011, or did I miss something?
4. Kajol ^   3. Monica Belucci ^   2. Natalie Portman ^   1. Doutzen Kroes ^  ( Yes, the most beautiful woman is a Dutch one )                    
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