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I'm in   Proglover - Dave - The Netherlands - Worldwide (if given enough time for it)
^ thanks mate!
Are we still going to have an exchange gift 2011, or did I miss something?
4. Kajol ^   3. Monica Belucci ^   2. Natalie Portman ^   1. Doutzen Kroes ^  ( Yes, the most beautiful woman is a Dutch one )                    
^ will do, never had the Barbar Bok   But I didn't have that experience with my Christoffel bock, it was simply the best tastng dark beer I've had (although Delerium Nocturnum is also great). I had it just after a Grolsch bock, difference was striking (I consider the Grolsch bock as pretty decent still)
seriously, get that Christoffel bock, trust me  
^ I never heard Live at Bonnaroo, but from what I did hear, this is my favorite:     Mindblowingly good version of 'Two Step'
I'd like to try EW9 clip ons from Audio Technica   If you want to sell them, please get in touch.   Doesn't matter from where, as long as you have positive feedback here at head-fi
^ exactly
that sounds familiar here at head-fi:)
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