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  Nice you got them so fast guys, I hope you'll enjoy them. Both cd's are pretty special to me, Lost in America (once given to me by a die hard Neil Young fan) is one of those 10 cd's I'd bring with me on a desert island.   When I got one of yours, I'll post immediately..  
You two got an excellent exchange:)   When they began, Within Tempation wasn't as 'teenie' or 'commercial' as they are now. That began when singer Sharon den Adel came. Especially since their breakthrough - Mother Earth - they began making records for a bigger audience. Stil very nice though imo.   Great Dutch band, great singer and a beautiful woman. Nice too. I played in the practice room next to them with my band a couple of months, when Within still practiced in...
Excellent choice, one of the best records of the last 20 years imho  
Your cd is also on it's way to you
agreed, my Belgian friend!  
the package is on it's way, promised to be delivered between 16 en 23 dec.  
thanks Erik   Let's have a nice holiday gift exchange, good luck and much pleasure to everyone!
agreed, fantastic album, by far their best  
  I regret reading so many 'CONUS only' or 'USA only' entries. To my knowing I didn't see any 'Asia only', 'Europe only' or 'Australia only' entries......   And we do have a lot members outside of USA/Canada.  
Not good news about those manufacturing issues!   Even less nice news about the compression on Signals. I can't comment on the 1997 remaster, I have the 'atomics' version and the MFSL  
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