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got all three of them today, but didn't listed yet. Will start with it the coming week
^ thanks for editing this, I will now reply you on pm
SOLD I'm selling my Ed.8 LE's. It's serial number #081 with extended warrantee   The headphones come with a receipt (transferrable warrantee, I've checked that with Ultrasone), include everything which has to be there.   I've used this headphone for 20-30 hours, it has been kept in the box in a smoke free environment. I have not taken these outside.   The reason I'm selling these, is that I have developed some serious earproblems in 2011(neural sensitive...
I think they mean the 3 from the sector sets that are 24 bit, but not the the entire rush  catalogue
^ Snow, that's a prog.rock classic, excellent choice!   If you like that, I'd try Beware of Darkness and Kindness of Strangers and/or the Neal Morse solo stuff
  X2, Macedonian.  
a little bit less drinking and eating, a little bit more exercising and moving back to my home town                     finally find my killer speakers
I got my gift from thrak yesterday:       Excellent choice! I started the new year this morning listening to this cd and it was great. I'm not very familiar with this string music, I don't even know how to exactly call it. But I very much enjoyed listening to this in the quiet morning, this cd will definitely get more playtime.   So guys - thrak and Ultrainferno - thanks for a great exchange and for choosing out of my box, which makes the head-fi...
I got this one from Ultrainferno, just before Christmas:     I've listened to it once up until now. It's soft pop music with a twist, a little bit alternative. Beautiful voice this lady has (I do like this voice, Ultrainferno), heard some very nice songs.   Thanks mate!
Moon Safari (2005-present) Canvas Solaris (2004-present) Gazpacho (2003-present) Phideaux (2003-present)   Already mentioned, very much agreed: Riverside (2004-present) Seventh Wonder (2005-present)    
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