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For sale T1, less then 50 hours usage.   Near the end of my headphone hobby, I got these about a year ago. They must be still under warranty, probably 2 years.   I used the pair for a couple of very nice hours, but won't use these open headphones much anymore. I'd sell but would also be potentially interested in a Grado R1 with some cash of a higher Grado.     I didn't check prices or made solo photos yet, but it's new, box and everything completely mint. Photo's of...
As usual the last few years when a new one came out: the new Dream Theater album        
^   :)   I've paid 1400 euros. 400 off for 20-30 hours of usage seems a pretty nice deal to me
To be clear: my best price is 1000 euros (=1322 usd atm), shipped worldwide.   Questions like 'what's your best price' or 'will you take ... usd/euros' are all kindly replied with the same answer: 1000 euros shipped, or it stays with me.    
^ thanks:)
I listened to Signals tonight, pretty satisfying remaster. I wouldn't say as mindblowing as some of the Pink Floyd remasters turned out to be, but bass and especially drumsound are clearly improved.
got all three of them today, but didn't listed yet. Will start with it the coming week
^ thanks for editing this, I will now reply you on pm
SOLD I'm selling my Ed.8 LE's. It's serial number #081 with extended warrantee   The headphones come with a receipt (transferrable warrantee, I've checked that with Ultrasone), include everything which has to be there.   I've used this headphone for 20-30 hours, it has been kept in the box in a smoke free environment. I have not taken these outside.   The reason I'm selling these, is that I have developed some serious earproblems in 2011(neural sensitive...
I think they mean the 3 from the sector sets that are 24 bit, but not the the entire rush  catalogue
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