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'roll me my left my right side'   that record is a masterpiece, very nice recording quality and mix also, ideal headhone music for dark lonesome nights
^ defenitely yes, but he's leaning towards the heavier side op PT, so....     No-Man's Together Were Stranger is IMHO one of the very best records made involving Steven Wilson, if not, it's at the very nr1 spot for me. But it's something different, something else then PT, those records of no-man 'are something else together':P
guys, you're right man. Still haven't sold the T1, but I have only 2 hopes left to use headphones: RS1 (had it for a while, regret having sold them) en K1000, both heard them and I could be happy with them, especially compared to.....nothing. So if anyone knows of someone in for a trade or something involving sending one of those and receiving T1, let me know. I won't ever let the Audeze's go though, just can't do it.   Yeah, I'm a speakerguy now grokit, not to my...
Not my cooking, but if you like (smoked Jewish style) fish, here's NY's very best appetizer:   Shot that and ate it, this is one of the best fish bagels I've ever had. That's the 'belly lax' salmon, Russ' specialty. Everything about this bagel was absolute top notch! And believe me, my country knows about smoking and pickling fish:)  
damn 5aces, that brisket looks juicy and tasty man!   I dream of perfect brisket since finally eating the reuben @Katz Deli NYC last month   @grokit: hey my friend, I see you're still around at the nicest topic here:) greetings!
  2nd that   GoT is so damn great, the hype doesn't even really bother me, when it's good, it's good.  
You could try the new Steven Wilson solo album   And still, Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun are absolute classics.   Just take your time, don't rush it, take one at a time.
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