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comparing some lagers and an ale  
Many would say GS1000 is the bass master from Grado if I remember correctly (has been some time since I used en tested headphones)   I'm not a fan of GS1000 but many are
Bass is not overly present imo, but if you like emphasis on bass, Grado's not the brand to go with.   But I think RS en SR225 models DO have enough bass, but they're not D7000's either.   RS1 is a pair of cans I feel is very well balanced in lows mids highs, suitable for metal tot prog to jazz
 think I had them all three, all above average to my taste, if I remember correctly, I enjoyed the porter most. Couple of years ago.Hmmm, will pick them up again when at the local beershop, good idea, thanks!
 That's one of the US beers I can get in my shop hier locally; bought it several times. They also make a very decent porter if I remember correctly.
Just another Britisch ale, but one with a cool context:P   I'm happily surrounded here, living in the Netherlands: our surrounding countries are the best beer countries in the world: Belgium, Germany, England. Although we also make a couple of very nice onces ourselve here in Holland.   Coming back to this topic once and a while shows me that the US is producing more and more 'Belgian type Beers' (I think that's how it's called in US, I mean 'specialty Beers' as...
Beck on 1 :O   Some nice 24/96 recordings on this list, but it's far from being my personal HDtracks list.   I still consider 'Open your ears' as one of the very best ways to start for a beginning head-fier:)
RS2 and RS1 are also Grado´s offcourse, but have a pretty different presentation then SR225!   I replied your pm about the SR225, and yes that´s a great great starter pair of headphones, but RS1 and RS2 are a class higher, IMHO.   Must admit, being a Grado lover, RS1i is still one of the nicest sounding headphones my ears listened to, RS2(i) comes closer then many think.   So, RS2 over SR225, offcourse! :)
Hi, I could be interested in exchanges involving Grado RS 1 or higher, I already have (and will keep) LCD2 rev1 (which I compared to rev.2 and kept the 1) :)
This is fun   60's The Band (and offcourse The Beatles, Dylan) 70's The Eagles 80's Rush / U2 / Iron Maiden / Dire Straits (if you see those 4, the 80's don't seem to be THAT bad..). If I were to chose; in that naming order 90's Spock's Beard / Porcupine Tree, in that order 00's Pain of Salvation / Porcupine Tree, that order 10's Moon Safari   May I remind which was the best selling album ever last century. That century is gone, no one's going to top...
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