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I just got my new X3, I ordered the "package" deal from Amazon, got the X3, a 64GB Sandisk card and a "digital cable".   First, about the X3.  Looks awesome, great, professional looking package.  Top notch build.    Connected it to my laptop and the X3 drive popped up right away, it has the demo album from HDTracks and a bunch of PDF documents.    Copied off the docs, and deleted them from the X3's built-in memory, and filled the rest with music files.   I've got...
Hi Yoshi, wondering if you could explain a bit more about the difference in pads?  I'm surprised to hear that the suede version is more comfortable???
Hopefully not a dumb question:   Would the Gungnir make a good match to the Woo Audio WA2 pre-amp/headphone amp?  I was previously considering the Bifrost, but since the Gungnir seems like such a huge upgrade in hardware, I thought it might be a better option, even if it was used only with the single ended outputs?   For inputs, I would be using a laptop for the USB jack, and an Oppo player for CD/SACD connected to the COAX jack.   Thx.
  Now that would be a sweet setup, and definitely possible.   I was leaning toward the WA2 since it has the pre-amp option and I could pair it with a good amp and speakers, especially for the price.  But now I'm looking seriously at the WA22.  I'm a tube-noob, so I greatly appreciate your reply with a list of the specific models of each tube to pair it with.
That was one of my top choices also.  Swap the factory black/silver with the metallic black/silver, and it would look basically the same, but with a much nicer paint job.  Might even make them look like they SHOULD be $1500.   They also have a lot of pics of HD800's with paint jobs to show what the paint colors look like.  There is a "sand/red" combo that looks like gold and black to me, reminds me of Iron Man.  I put together some Sand/Black combo's that I really like too.
Hi guys.  Just to clear up any confusion:  I own the HD650's now, I have heard the HD800's, and don't find them to be overly bright.  I have NOT heard the LCD2's, I don't have any good way to demo a pair, unfortunately, so I am going on the many, many reviews and recommendations I've read on head-fi and elsewhere that they're just that good, and will suit my tastes.    But since I haven't tried on a pair, I wanted to ask the opinions of those who did.  Sounds like...
For me, this was the "last straw" in my decision.  OK, I'm buying a pair of HD800's with custom Colorware paint.   Now if I could only decide on the color scheme I want.  Lots of good suggestions here.
Very good point Chodi.  Thank you.  
Thanks for the reply.  I have a feeling I'd agree with you.    I love my HD650's, so I'm thinking the HD800's would be even better with the better arms.    I've never had an opportunity to try on the LCD2's, from what I've seen it looks like they'd need some considerable bending to keep them from pressing into your head.
HD800 or LCD2?   I am going to upgrade my headphone setup from my good-but-not-great setup and would like to make a decision on the headphones before I get the amp, because of the huge impedance difference/amp-needs of these 2 models.   I know I'll be happy with the sound quality of both, and price wise, well, $1000 for the LCD2, and $1500 for the Colorware custom HD800's.  Yes, a 50% difference, but planning on this being the last pair of headphones I...
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