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Much thanks, TrollDragon.
Hi guys, from what I've been reading, the X3 sometimes doesn't play nice with MP3 files.  Wanted to ask opinions on what is the best format to rip CD's from to put on the X3?   Maybe just copy them over in WAV files to insure the best bit-bit copies?   Also, if anyone has recommendation for how they burn CD's from a Mac for the X3, I'd definitely appreciate the information.  Is iTunes with "Apple Lossless" OK?   Thanks
Same thing with mine.  Seems the battery life on a "powered off" unit is about 2 weeks, and it takes at least a couple of hours to charge it to full.
 I pretty much agree with your review.  I've had a handful of random lockups or times when it said the song was playing, but no output.  But it's very rare.  The only reason it really bugs me is because my iPod just works, all the time. It works great right out the headphone jack, especially playing FLAC files through my Grado 60's.  I do use the digital out, when it's connected to my E17 amp, using the E17 as the DAC.  More volume, obviously, and I think the E17 exposes...
I finally got my "listening station" setup, and wanted to do a side-by-side comparison of my various headphones.  I figured that since I went though all this, I would post my findings.      Me:  46 year old audiophile-wannabe.  Why post my age?  Because of the high-end falloff.  I did a self-test of my hearing, and I think I'm still in the 16K range.   My setup.  iMac running iTunes for Apple Lossless playback, and Songbird for 24/96 and 24/192 FLAC playback.  FLAC...
Hi,   I have the same iPod dock you have in the pictures.  Can I ask how you have that connected into your DAC/system?   Thanks.
My favorite christmas present this year.  Finally got it set up.  
Hi guys,   I'm in the Milwaukee area, looks like your Meet is the closest thing I'll be able to go to, I'd be interested in tagging along.    I've never been to one of these before, do we just bring all our gear in to "share" so people can test out other stuff?  Need to bring tables, or anything else?   Thanks.
 I'm going to default to what James says since he actually makes this stuff.
There's really no point in keeping the battery charged if it's not in use for a while.  It shouldn't affect the battery to leave it drained for a while. 
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