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I agree that the Speedball doesn't change the overall nature/quality of the sound. I also agree with inserting film caps in the power supply. I found bypassing the last cap didn't do anything for me. Replacing all three made a big difference, but I can't say whether just replacing the last one would be enough to do the trick. It might.
+1, but I think that is the fault of the DT880s, not the Crack. ;-)
And by really cheap, I mean under $100.
Palmfish,I couldn't agree more. I doubt I could tell the difference between my current $1,000 DAC and an ODAC in a blind test, and I've owned all kinds of DACs. Other than really cheap units, I think they all sound the same once you control for strength of the output signal.Best regards,Adam
For what it's worth, as far as I'm concerned, when it comes to high impedance headphones, I think the comparison is a no brainer in favor of the Crack.Yes, the O2 is fast, articulate and clear, but I don't find the Crack to be any less fast, articulate or clear. The O2 is, however, decidedly lean, and it is here that the Crack just stomps all over the O2 (which is a very, very good amp and still recommended for use with other headphones). In particular, bass is entirely...
Personally, I don't see why we can't just keep discussing the hologram stickers...
I can't answer that question. I can tell you that when I fumigated my Crack, I noticed a clear and unmistakable increase in bass extension and impact, a sweetening of the mids, and additional treble clarity. I would say this had a greater impact than tube swapping, installing my TKD pot, or upgrading the coupling caps, although not as great as upgrading the power supply caps. Of course, the downside was the need to tent my Crack for two weeks in order to allow sufficient...
+1. I couldn't agree more. Especially when used with the Bottlehead Crack, which takes the bass to a different level as compared to solid state and WOT tube amps.
Not my experience. (Shrugs.)
I should also say that it depends on what you listen to. I don't need boomy bass, but I do need solid, substantial, weighty bass that goes fairly low. If you mostly listen to music heavy in the mids and treble, you might have different preferences.
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