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I'd say thats a pretty good deal. Make sure it is properly packaged for shipping, however. Assembled Bottlehead amps don't tend to ship well, due to the "gravity chassis". Check the Bottlehead website for packing tips. See here:
I prefer 63/37. If you can, try to get a no-clean version. It doesn't matter for purposes of the Crack, but it is useful if you ever build a DIY solid state amp (which you will want to do after this)... I happen to like Kester 245 solder. From memory, .031" is a good diameter to use.
I should add that it only takes about 30 minutes to build, and when complete, you will have all the experience you need to build the Crack.
If you want a simple project to get some soldering practice before you tackle the Crack, check here: It's very simple, good experience, you can't really break anything, and you'll have something potentially useful when you're finished.
Doesn't really matter one way or the other.
In that price bracket (or at least, reasonably close thereto), I quite like my JDS Labs c421, which has since been replaced by the c5 (which I haven't tried). The bass boost on the c421 works pretty well with the HD600s, and helps compensate for the loss in bass impact when using the HD600s with a solid state amp. Which is a long way of saying: consider the c5.
I got it, I was just going for humor (fail). Didn't mean to confuse...
Mu --> mew --> purr --> vibrations --> holding cat close --> transconductance --> you feel the cat Mu-ing --> I'll shut up now. It was a long day at work. I was trying to inject some offbeat humor.
That only happens when you hold the cat close enough to feel the vibrations.
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