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Any comments on how this dac/amp will suit the HD650, LCD-2F and X2 respectively? I currently have the X2 and a Soundblaster E5, and I kinda long for a bit more analytical sound along the lines of what my cheaper AKG271S give me. I'm considering these upgrade combos, buying second hand headphones: Jotunheim + Mimby + HD650 = $950 Jotunheim w/internal dac + LCD2-F = $1250
I haven't browsed the entire thread, so excuse me if this is already common knowledge. The volume started getting really low in my left plug recently, I attributed it to using a cheap replacement tip. However, I opened it today to check if it needed cleaning, and discovered that the protective film over the barrel was slightly loose, and the foam behind it was slightly recessed/pushed into the barrel. I gently pulled it back out with a needle, replaced the film and was...
Has anything concrete materialized from this hint from Schiit yet (it was an answer to a post describing the slightly awkward market position of the Bitfrost MB after the release of the Modi 2 MB)? I wanna buy the Jotunheim now, but I am torn on what dac solution I should choose. An imminent upgrade of the Bitfrost or the Jotunheim internal DAC would affect my decision.Edit; I see there is talk about a "project manhattan" in another thread, supposedly some DSP that they...
Any recommendations for EQ settings for the E5 + Fidelio X2? Default flat / no-eq sounded quite muffled to me, currently using this one but it can get a bit painful on jazz/classical:  
Man, if some of/all of the Rev01 375's still have the same issues, Sennheiser sure know how to screw this stuff up even further than the ambigious recall...
Lucky you, they didn't even respond to my repeated requests, so I gave up on the whole thing and sold my pair.
The revision number is printed on the box. The old one was 20141118REV01, where I guess the first part is the production date in YYYYMMDD and the latter is shorthand for revision 1.
I have no belief in burn-in being anything but mental, so I use them straight off. If it was really a thing, manufacturers would do it before shipping. Anyways, I was referring to switching between my current set of headphones. But enough with the OT
I've never seen anyone complain about the sound changing for the worse after "burn-in", but if you say so :) I know from experience that I mentally adjust when i change my main headphone, but it requires a couple of days.
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