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Damn it I already ordered a MMCX balanced cable and I can't find any that looks like that connector on Venture Electronics / VECLAN,  , the HE-400 / PM-1 connector seems to be the closest but I wouldn't think it would fit?   
Man if they cancel my order and sell it to someone else after I've already ordered pads and a balanced cable and need the headphones to arrive to Borderlinx for joint shipping within 30 days, they're gonna get hell from me!
A forwarding service, gives you a personal U.S. mail address at their hub and forwards it to you. Most of them support combining multiple packages into one shipment with repacking to save volume, and take care of customs declarations for much less than DHL. Some of them also provide a concierge service, where they do the shopping for you (if the store only accepts U.S. credit cards for instance).Jetcarrier and Borderlinx are two big ones, I personally use the latter cause...
Hah, ordered, good luck I goofed around way past bedtime playing BF1 :D   I didn't get the SPRINGY20 discount code to work though.   Just use Paypal if you have an international credit card, it's safer anyway.
Hm, so I have the opportunity to buy a set of second hand pre-fazor LCD 2.2 for the same price as the M1060+tax/shipping/mids will cost me. Warranty is basically down the drain for both options, considering the hassle of international returns for the M1060's and that the warranty of the LCD had expired. I'm thinking these would perhaps have a better sound signature for me than the M1060, since I want more sub bass and less treble from my HD650's? Using a neutral...
From what I've read and watched in reviews, no, they're not in the same league.
They are really *****-footed about explaining how they cram 990 kpbs into the 352 kpbs max of A2DP, I got the feeling they are using lossy fallback compression and creative marketing of the theoretical max bitrate.
Isn't it a holiday today in the U.S. as well?
Of course, but with 8 times the current 352 kpbs limit of A2DP, you could basically run uncompressed or at least a lossless realtime codec like aptx lossess or TTA. It will yield a new iteration of BT headphones and mobile BT chips with lossless codec support, then the remaining problems with BT audio will be latency/packet loss and the need to cram a decent dac/amp into the price of the headphones. LDAC is just a proprietary, temporary stepping stone, imo.
They are claiming 3 times the bitrate with LDAC, but they're really vague when challenged on how they actually achieve that.  APTX has always had a small amount of hiss to my ears.   Anyway, the future of BT audio is probably in BT 5.0 rather than LDAC, with its' drastically increased bandwith.
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