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Dunno, I just got a generic response and never heard back from them. Given that some people here have gotten 3 replacement headphones with the same issues, I'm having a hard time believing it's not a design flaw and that they even know what to fix and how to do it.
A picture says more than a thousand words...
Yeah, these are definately rolling out in Europe now, release date moved forward from 3rd of June to 22nd of May in Norway today.
Sound stage gets a nod in a micro review:
I might be mistaken, but judging from the answer I got from my email they just forwarded my support case to a national service center.
Well, according to the Gizmondo article:So regardless of wether they would be out of stock or not, they wouldn't be delivering new units. Though he doesn't quote his sources, seems the various affiliated support people like to give out different answers.
Is this support email address for both US and EU customers? Does this mean we can skip the retail chain in our support cases?
Seems like Sennheiser are contradicting themselves in those responses... They don't know what's going on, they're stopping all sales, but they can still somehow manage to find out if your headset is affected and replace it with one that isn't? Yet everyone I've read about who's done that has the same issues with the replacement headset... Sounds like they're trying to talk themselves out of a full recall.
Audeze LCD-3 and AT W1000x according to his signature, i.e. properly amped high end wired headphones. You could save some money by trying some properly amped $300-500 wired headphones Giogio, maybe you wouldn't care to buy so many of the mediocre BT headsets :)
Seeing is believing...
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