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Read the top post on this page? Personally I couldn't be bothered with the Zik because of the short battery life and the need to EQ.
This is the last one with any info from the forum Sennheiser rep:http://www.head-fi.org/t/749606/sennheiser-momentum-2-0-and-wireless/1815#post_11581629Here he doesn't acknowledge it as a general problem or state a timeline at all. Here's one guy who called them a couple of weeks ago, where they didn't confirm wether there would be any actual changes to the headset , but that "they seem confident that they'll start shipping the headset again in late...
Let's just wait and see if there even will be "new ones", they might conclude that things are working as expected and continue to ship the same revision, for all we know. As far as I can remember, the only thing they have said is that they are investigating, and that shipping is expected to start up again around the end of summer. The rest is just people here speculating. Sennheiser could certainly improve on giving status updates, and having an official channel for...
Sony MDR-1ABT has no ANC, and not so great isolation according to reviews.
On the negative side, people say the Symphony 1 is not really that portable.
No, that's largely up to personal preference. On a side note, I personally think the M2 wireless sound way more balanced in wireless mode than wired.Personally I'd strongly consider Denon AH-GC20 instead of M2 Wireless. Needs to be tested tho, the cups are shallow, and of course not many reports from long-term usage yet.
I posted a very brief one in the GC20 thread.
I would check out Denon ah-gc20 if I were you. Might be too bass heavy tho.
Until I see both of the following: * Someone posting here that they had the problem and got a replacement unit where it was fixed * Sennheiser officially start selling the headphones again   , I will choose to believe they have not yet fixed the error on any replacement item, but simply shipped a new unit and hoped there was a QC issue with the previous one. For all we know, their statement about "only some units being affected" could be their interpretation of not...
Tried them for a quick spin (and bought them as a gift) in the store today, and did some A/B with my Momentum Wireless AE, some impressions from testing with FLAC music through my Xperia Z2:   * Really comfortable pads * Sound signature: I was expecting the worst given Skrobul's mixed reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. Compared to my Momentums they are bassier and lack some detail/crisp, but I immediately thought the sound signature was pleasant, if not a tad too...
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