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I'm currently leaning towards the Nokia Play 360 for around $100, though I'm also looking into Beats Pill at $200.   The Play 360 seems to be the better bargain of the two with sligtly better bass and 2x-3x the battery time, if one can live with the lack of a microphone and a bit of tweaking to get NFC going for Android.
Sorry for posting in a headphones forum, but I know any advice from this forum usually is sound (no pun intended).   I want a wireless speaker to bring to my bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, and for the occasional picnick.   I'm thinking between $50-100 is enough for such a project, any recommendations?   Edit: I'm currently looking at Monster ClarityHd SoundFreaq Sound Kick...
Ran into some original ones at Etsy today... vinyl stand
Omg...  Sub-par hyped headphones : $300 Tattoo of mentioned headphones: $600 Laser surgery removal of mentioned tattoo: $1500 Listening to bad sound quality for 4 years: priceless :)
Are there any actual reviews of these out yet?   I want to take a step up from my current headphones (AKG 271, M50, DT770), and I would like something with the clarity and soundstage of the AKG, but better overall quality and slightly more bass. So I'm wondering if these are for me.   Can't really return them if they disappoint, as I live in Europe and shipping is costly.   Edit: Oh, never mind, the offer has apparently closed.
Hi   I'm gonna try to get myself a good gaming setup.   Clip-on mic is not an option, as I find them lacking in quality, convenience and sound levels. So I'm looking for a headset with a "boom" mic, and I'm currently leaning towards the Beyerdynamic MMX 300.   I use a Fiio E7 as dac/amp. However, the mic input on my mainboard recently broke, so I'm now in need of a new sound card aswell, preferably external.   When i'm getting a new sound card anyway,...
The size of this: The form factor of these: The soundstage of this:
Anything you wish :)   Merry X-mas *<|:o)
New favourite bassy tunes after getting my amp today :)  Flux Pavilion - Got 2 know Flux Pavilion - I can't stop Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion remix)
Just recieved mine today, and I wanna join in on the praise :) I have never tried a standalone headphone dac/amp previously, so I have no references, but as other say I noticed an instant improvement in clarity and bass output, it brought my M-50's to life (which I were rather disappointed with unamped).   For $81 including shipping to Norway (dealextreme) and the added possibility of extending it with the E9, this is a real bargain!
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