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Sony MDR-1ABT has no ANC, and not so great isolation according to reviews.
On the negative side, people say the Symphony 1 is not really that portable.
No, that's largely up to personal preference. On a side note, I personally think the M2 wireless sound way more balanced in wireless mode than wired.Personally I'd strongly consider Denon AH-GC20 instead of M2 Wireless. Needs to be tested tho, the cups are shallow, and of course not many reports from long-term usage yet.
I posted a very brief one in the GC20 thread.
I would check out Denon ah-gc20 if I were you. Might be too bass heavy tho.
Until I see both of the following: * Someone posting here that they had the problem and got a replacement unit where it was fixed * Sennheiser officially start selling the headphones again   , I will choose to believe they have not yet fixed the error on any replacement item, but simply shipped a new unit and hoped there was a QC issue with the previous one. For all we know, their statement about "only some units being affected" could be their interpretation of not...
Tried them for a quick spin (and bought them as a gift) in the store today, and did some A/B with my Momentum Wireless AE, some impressions from testing with FLAC music through my Xperia Z2:   * Really comfortable pads * Sound signature: I was expecting the worst given Skrobul's mixed reviews, but was pleasantly surprised. Compared to my Momentums they are bassier and lack some detail/crisp, but I immediately thought the sound signature was pleasant, if not a tad too...
Just curious, why not MDR-1ABT instead? Also, in your mini review you use statements like "sound quality is really good", but now you say a another pair of similarily priced headphones are "much better", are you a bit colored by the fit issues, or do you really mean that? If so, care to elaborate in what areas the SQ is better?
Dunno, I just got a generic response and never heard back from them. Given that some people here have gotten 3 replacement headphones with the same issues, I'm having a hard time believing it's not a design flaw and that they even know what to fix and how to do it.
A picture says more than a thousand words... http://www.anythingbutipod.com/forum/showpost.php?s=72020df20a919b7af92e39deb116486d&p=542412&postcount=37
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