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There is not, have not been and will never be the slightest chance in the universe that anybody will find the Beats Pro better-sounding than the ATH-PRO700MK2.   Believe me, the difference is not just the price and the build quality. The Audio-Technicas sound better, and have more bass as well, if that's what you're after.
I am interested. I have always wanted one of these.
Hello, I am upgrading my equipment and have decided to sell my beloved Cowon D3 to fund future purchases. The unit was bought in 2011 and has a few scratches on the back, but is otherwise in good condition. The Gorilla Glass screen is ostensibly immaculate. Included for free in the purchase is a purple Rearth Ringke case. Actually, since Rearth made a mistake I happen to have two of them, so if you want both they are yours. Further, I have a 16 GB Samsung microSD card...
It has been sold. I don't know how to close the thread so I'll just leave this message here instead.
Still selling.
Added pictures.
Here are some pictures: They're taken with my laptop's integrated webcam, so the quality is pretty bad. Tell me if you want higher-quality photos.
Hi, you can have my black 32 GB Cowon J3. Comes with black Ringke case, UCIs and music. Since I bought it early in Europe, it cost me around 400 USD, but I could sell it to you for 200.
No, it is hardware-based. There's a BBE chip in the J3.
EDIT: Pictures added Black 32 GB Cowon J3 with black Ringke case, ships for free anywhere in the EU. Contact me for overseas shipment. The player is in perfect working condition but slightly tattered on the back. Comes with free music and UCIs. Price is negotiable.
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