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Quote: Since these (supposedly) do not hurt glass wearers, I'm thinking of taking a dive into on ears again. Also love the fact that you can adjust clamping force relatively easily oh haha, yea I meant microfiber suede. I see screws on the inside of where the band ends, so I  figured maybe you can just unscrew and slip them off..thanks for the tips though^^
Quote: Thanks! Yea, I usually just look at video reviews to see actual size and color/glossy-ness Man, as he took the exo-skeleton case out, I was like "Oh, these are actually a bit smaller than I thought" and when he took the actual headphones out of the case I was like "Oh WOW, these things are really smaller than I thought!". I probably thought they were bigger than what they really are because the only size comparison I had was with the LP/LP2, and I've never seen a...
Quote: oh there are video reviews out already? Have any that you recommend that show how small the M80 is? xD I've only seen them in pictures, but do want to get a glimpse of it in a video~  
Quote: hm, I can't think of any convenience that that would give would seem so weird to have the cord dangling on my right side when I'm so used to having it on my left o.o Would you be able to tell me what size the png at 300 dpi should be? Don't want to have the plates come out all blurry or pixely xD  
Quote: Agreed, all my headphones are left sided, and I'm used to having my J3 in my left pocket~
Quote: I'm fairly certain that if those went on my head, they would be over ear But then again, I supposedly have a small head xD   hmm, homepage still doesn't seem to have a recommended png dimensions at 300dpi...I'm planning to send in a png file, but what should the dimensions of the image be?
Yea, I'd say if it's not a prototype M-100, then it's a custom LP2 (or non-limited edition version LP2)
Quote: I highly doubt they are the M-80s, the cups are too big On the V-Moda FB page, check the Tokyo Headphone Festival album. Val has a picture up of himself with the M-80s on, and compare that with the pic above xD    
Quote: hm, I can't seem to spot the differences xD If it is a M-100 prototype though, and they do not expect to change the size, I'm just going to go ahead and get the M-80s because they seem to be the perfect size for my "ideal" portable~
Quote: It's likely that they will offer customization options equal to that of the LP series in the future (assuming those ARE the M-100s)   EDIT: If I order the M-80s and the customizable plates, would they send them together so that I wouldn't have to pay for shipping for the plates? I know it would take a bit longer since the plates need to be customizable, but I don't really mind since I won't be able to get these cans before I go away over break~  
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