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  ah, I see, your logo is shifted to the left a bit =/ Laughing Man was one of my choices too, but I felt someone else would do it as well so I changed my decision xD Might post some pics when I get them~    
Quote: Thanks for the input~ The status just went to "Pending" that better than "Awaiting Shipment"? o.o   EDIT: Scratch this, JUST got an email saying it shipped =] Can't waittttt^^
Anyone here get it with the customs? Or just get the customs? I'm wondering how long it takes to make them (I just can't wait to get my pair and hear them haha, I'm sure you guys understand ;] )
Quote: I ordered mine last Monday and it's still Awaiting Shipment =/ Well, I guess it's the custom shields that are taking time...  
Quote: If you are asking whether the Crossfade M80s have a detachable cable (double mini jack cable), then yes, it does. The cable hangs from the left side, and if you buy it from the V-MODA site, you get three cables: 1 regular, 1 1-button control with mic, and 1 3-button control with mic.  
I have the M50s and am waiting for my M80s to arrive. I ordered them from the V-MODA site with custom shields on November 28th, and it is now Awaiting Shipment (I live in MA).  Once I get them, I am planning to do a short review, and may compare them with my M50s~   Yea, amazon does sell them cheaper, but buying them from the V-MODA site using the "HEAD-FI" brings the price down to under $200 + free shipping, faders, and pro audio cable ;] EDIT: Forgot that it also comes...
Here's a quote from Val in the M80 thread that I thought might be helpful~   "Yes, it is kinda tough to explain.  Here is from our site... bottom line, if you listen to house, club, modern pop, rock and listen loud or use for gaming, or want a virtual club with bass you can feel the LP or LP2 is best.  Also for DJing, LP2 is best as the sound changes on stage as your competing with the club sound system and monitors blaring at you.   For a studio like, but...
Quote: Thanks for the clarification, hopefully the M80s also come with the tool since I didn't bring my tool set with me How long did it take for the M80s to ship? I live in MA, and ordered the M80s on the 28th (status is now "awaiting shipment")  
If you care about the voice, then you are most likely going for mids. The M80s are known for having great mids, while the HD25s have a recessed mid. I just bought my M80s 2 days ago and am waiting for them to get here^^ I was also between the HD25 and the M80, and this thread REALLY helped me out. Check it out~
Quote: The V-Moda's are really a head turner, and best of all, they have good SQ too (although I have yet to see lol) I'm probably also going to use these headphones to stop a couple friends from getting the Beats xD
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