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Quote: Glad you like them^^ Yea I had to work a CRAP load last week and the upcoming week so I can get the money for the M80s xD  
haha yep, I left it on the "Summit-fi" page, although I think I'm being a bit too ambitious xD  
Ordered my pair yesterday night~ So excited to get them^^ Question: How do you take off the shields? Do they give you a specific tool with the shield kit?
Nice review! I just ordered my M80s yesterday night, so I'm expecting them to come around next week^^ The photos you put up for size comparison are really good, and I'm actually glad I got the M80s because the LP2s are bigger than what I expected haha Are you planning to get custom shields?
Great guide! I think I "accidentally" left the guide open on my home computer which my family uses after talking about wanting an at-home set of cans xD  
Been trying to contact VModa through email, but replies seem to be slow =/ Hopefully I can get my order in before the code expires~
Quote: Yea, color-wise, I like the V over the M, but the True Blood text is what is turning me to the Ms =/
Quote: LOL I JUST noticed that the HD25 are right sided xD Thanks, pretty much solidified my decision on the M-80s
Quote: I see...I was attracted to the M-80 because of the customization options, good looks, size, and great sound quality. Also, if I ordered them separately, it would cost me $10+ more than if I ordered it all together and used the coupon xD  (yep, starving college student here lol)
Quote: Yea I was thinking of using the 60 day test drive too, but if I make custom plates and don't like the M80s, well, theres goes $45 since I doubt they'll take back customs =/ But I want to get everything before the 26th so I can use the 14.4% coupon on my full purchase and not have to pay shipping if I DO like them and want custom pads later I'm pretty sure though that I will like the M80s because of the forward mids, good solid bass, and decent treble. If I find...
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