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Quote: Yea, I know term-wise they are supposed to sit on your ears, but for some reason I am able to get half my ear (the back part) to sit inside the cups o.o Guess I have small ears or something haha  
Yea why would you get the Beats for indoor use? I thought the whole point of their marketing was for people to show off their nice new $300 necklace xD
Quote: Check this review out, really helped me settle on the M80s~    
Quote: meh, I decided to get the M80s and not wait for the M100s because over-ears tend to get sweaty and hot in the summer I think I found a good fit..really like the 10-clip adjustments these have^^  
Quote: Yea the wrench came in a separate bag outside the box. Why, do you want to disassemble the M80s or something? xD hm, well when I try to make the M80s sit on my ear, they just feel a bit too "forward" and I'm afraid they would fall off with a slight shake of my head. meh I'll try it out for a week and see what position works best. Soundwise though, this is definitely a keeper^^   Question: I'm planning to do a review with a bunch of pictures, but should I put that...
Quote: Mine came with a very small alan-wrench (spell? xD) but I think it only comes with the custom shields. Dunno if any other tool can take the screws out   I also have a dumber question: I'm pretty new to on-ear, so I dunno if I'm putting these on the "right" way. Are your ears toward the back of your head supposed to be covered like an around-the-ear headphone, or are the pads supposed to rest on top of them?  
Just checked tracking, and it says my M80s are in the sorting facility in my town^^
Quote: Good to hear! I might contact them too If my set (shipped yesterday) doesn't have them it in xD  
I would actually just like a pro audio cable, as I probably won't be using the buttons that much anyways. I will be really disappointed if I got a flash drive instead of the pro audio cable though =/    (I have like 100GB in flash drives lol)
Quote: I just got an image off my computer (I have quite a lot) and Photoshop'ed it so it would be black and white scale. I then changed the resolution to 300dpi and changed the size to bit. If you want, you can PM me some images and I can see if I can do the same thing. I'm no master at Photoshop though (quite the opposite actually lol), so don't set expectations too high haha   It's easiest to work with images that are already large in resolution and contain only...
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