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Quote: Nope, it was K701 Anyways, back on topic people   So you guys think the Beats hype will still be alive, considering that Monster and Beats split? Or do you think the Beats people will be run over by another group of "cool hip headphones"?  
Quote: Owned lol   If the person with Beats isn't completely arrogant and is willing to try other headphones, I usually pull out my M50s and see how they like them. Most of the time, I get a surprised look as they turn on their music, and then a "ok, how much were these again?" (ok meme face) lol  
Quote: Yep, they tend to take ALOT of pride in their Beats (kind of understand, since they spent ~$300 on them), and I honestly don't mind that. I personally don't really care if someone likes their Beats. I would actually be happy for them if they like them and think it was a good buy. Good for them, they found a headphone to their liking, and I can relate to that since I feel ecstatic when I find a headphone that gives me goosebumps (in a good way). What I DON'T like...
Quote: I have to slightly disagree with this. If I'm spending $300+ on a headphone (even $100+), I expect it to last me at-least a year =/ I've never owned the Beats so I dunno about long-term build issues, but I have read more reviews of them breaking at the band than reviews saying they have amazing build quality.   Anyways back on topic, for you guys in college, what percentage of headphones on your campus do you think are Beats? I'd say probably around 30~40% at my...
Quote: Well it was right before classes started, and I don't think he would have understood because I've seen him with the Studios as well xD  
Quote:   He just said thanks and walked away to class lol It was weird because he was using a E5 with his Beats...can't really see how that would change anything though =/  
A short conversation I had with another guy on campus the other day.   Guy: Hey, nice headphones, the look slick Me: oh thanks, yours...look good too (awkward grin)   I had my M80s on and he had solos lol
Can't wait till these hit the market! I'd love to compare them to my M80s through my computer and J3, and I'm also interested in the size of the actual headphone. The M80s look larger in picture than their actual size, so I'm expecting the M100s in those pictures to follow the same trend lol Val, I remember you saying that you expect headphone cables to go to the right side...are the M100s definitely going to have a right sided cable?  Thanks~
Anyone else see the white M80s in this video at 5:45?? They look absolute gorgeous and I sorta despise myself for not waiting a bit for other color options to be released >_<
haha just today my J3 did the same thing and I thought dam it, I need to go back to headfi and look up some info on this problem again I tested regular playback, and it was able to go on for 55+ hours with EQ on, and yet it sometimes dies in one night on sleep =.= Very inconsistent indeed...this is pretty much my only problem with the J3 =/
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