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Quote: Yep, especially for those in college xD   Quote: hm, you got a point there. I dunno about most people, but when I get something, I ALWAYS want it to be at it's fullest potential. So if the M100s are considered to be at there full potential with an amp (even if they are good without one), I would probably need to buy an amp as well haha All well, release date is said to be April, so we'll see how it goes! Maybe Val will choose some guinea pigs like he did with the...
Yea, agreeing with the no-amp group here. If the M100s really do require an amp to be at it's full potential, the price of the M100 would be $250~300 + $65 (E11) at least. As much as I want to try the M100s out, I wouldn't be able to take out that much from my wallet =x
Quote: Agreed, they do a pretty good job isolating cars, people, and other random noises, but the one gripe I have about them is their isolation against the wind =/ Because of the holes, wind noise is very noticeable, and can get annoying when going through a wind tunnel. A slight breeze won't be too bad, but strong wind in the fall may be a nuisance~  
Quote: Well, I'm sure they did their research, just only by looking at the reviews on the apple store website. And we all know what those reviews look like  
Quote: Haha, nice find. It really is amazing how the Journalists don't even verify if what they say is true =.=  
Quote: I personally don't think the M80s require any amping at all, as I can drive them through my J3 at a low volume and still get a full rich sound. If I were put a number on where the M80s would be on a 1~10, 1 being bass-end and 10 being treble, I would put it at around a 4. I assume the LP2s are in the 2~3 range (from reviews), so a I'm looking forward to the M100s which is basically M80xLP2s. My guess is that it will be exactly what you stated: an audiophile...
  hm, well if they cease to exist, I think the bashing will be significantly lower than when they were in the market. I'm sure there will be people who say "Why did they stop making the bestest headphones ever!? I mean, nothing can top the Beats!", but the trend will probably move onto something new~    
I think design and build quality are two different aspects. I'm sure Totally Dubbed means he likes the actual look of the headphones, not the build quality~
Yep, I guess it just all comes down to what makes the most money/profit =/ IMO, I thought that the SQ of the Turbines were pretty good, but the fit for me was pretty bad. They were heavy and loosened up in my ears after a while of walking, making the bass horrible 
Quote: True. I just hope Monster decides to go down the road of SQ on par with the Turbine series~  
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