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Quote: I'm pretty sure you just plug a 3.5mm/LOD to 3.5mm interconnect into your portable player, and connect it to the amp. You then plug the headphones into the amp, and listen from there  
I have them and really like them. Great mids, solid base, and love the look. I was also between the HD25, and this review really helped me decide~ Might also want to wait for the M100s, there might be another coupon xD
Maybe some of the tracks have track numbers, and some don't? That's the only cause I can think of... As for album art, I had the same problem. Turns out that the J3 (and probably other Cowon players as well) only accept album art in JPEG format xD
Quote: You could just apply a black/white filter on PS~ That's what I did with my image lol (doesn't work too well if there are too many colors)    
I have some size-comparison pics of the M80s and M50s here if you want to take a look I personally wouldn't use the M80s at the gym because I don't think the clamp force is enough to hold them on your head while running. Then again, I have heard many people say they use these while running, so it may just be that my head is small haha I would say that although both headphones are great, the M80s would be a better bang for the buck. You can use them outdoor and...
So here's my first mini-review. Kinda late, but I like these so much that I had to write a review for them xD   Intro One of the reasons I bought the V-MODA M80 is because I wanted a portable headphone that has good SQ and yet has the ability to turn heads. I also wanted my portables to have very good build quality and decent isolation because I will be using them during travel. Another factor for my ideal portable cans was…well, portability!  I wouldn’t want a...
Quote:   I also thought of getting a portable amp for my J3, but decided not to after these people helped me in this thread    
Quote: ah, I'm making a review right now and was just on the part about isolation. I would say that I do notice wind noise more in these more than other cans, but that can be explained by the semi opened design. I only really notice it when the wind is strong enough to, say, somewhat move my hood off my head or make my scarf dance. As for regular isolation, I would say that these offer the right amount of isolation for commutes, as they don't isolate TOO much so you can...
Quote: Yea, I know term-wise they are supposed to sit on your ears, but for some reason I am able to get half my ear (the back part) to sit inside the cups o.o Guess I have small ears or something haha  
Yea why would you get the Beats for indoor use? I thought the whole point of their marketing was for people to show off their nice new $300 necklace xD
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