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Quote: April 7th here as well^^   Anyways, today I saw a guy with the LPs (not LP2, just regular LP). I said nice headphones and we exchanged for a bit with my M80s, and I didn't think they were bad, but man, V-MODA really have evolved from their first headphone line! I was quite amazed at the difference between the LPs and M80s, which got me even more excited for the difference between the M80s and M100s^^  
Quote: Niceeee! So I guess we are shooting for late March~April ish for release? Really looking foward to your next audiophile headphones^^  
Quote: Same here! The M80s are so easy to tweak and are a perfect match up with the J3~ Do you have a custom EQ for you M80s?  
Same, but I'm really interested in how it will do with mainly acoustic and electric guitars, J-pop, and electronic~ I feel that the M80s really shine in the J-pop and guitars/rock section, but somewhat less-so in the electronic. I'm not saying they do bad at electronic, I just think that the first two do better because of the forward mids xD   A hybrid of the M80s and LP2s will be able to bring out the best in all of these generes, which would mean it might be...
The M100s estimated release date is April right? Guess whos birthday is in April
Jude had a white M80 in his Tekzilla video, so maybe that was a proto-type of a different colored M80? It looked very sleek and nice though, love that pearl white color^^
Quote: Agreed. I'll just buy the headphones that I want, and let other people who ignore my advice/really do like the Beats buy what they want~  
Quote: ah, this explains what was bugging me all this time! The M80s had a really nice feel of "weight" to them, but once I put them on my head, it was as if they were gone! They really feel light on the head, yet have a "weight" feel to them to assure you these can take a beating^^  
hm, thats odd, I don't notice any/much bend on the cups...could you explain the "bend" a bit more? Like, if you had the headphones right in front of you so you could stretch them and put them on, which way are the cups bent? o.o Yea I've noticed that the kevlar cord gets frayed when it sorta touches my zipper on my coat. Nothing too bad, but thought I'd mention it~ How many clicks of the headband are you guys using?
Quote: I was thinking the exact same thing! xD Since they are both the "M" line, I would think it would be better if Val made another line for amped/at home use headphones, and keep the M line to non-amp/portable use. Thats what I thought of when I first heard of the M100s: just like you said, a successor to the M80s  
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