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I was just searching for earphone reviews and I came across this! I've enjoyed my NE-7M's as well, but they are getting old (2 years) so I was thinking of getting a new pair or earphones. I was between the Klipch Image S4 and Audio Technica ATH-CKS90, but after reading this, am probably going to but a NE700x! Thanks~ Is there any way you can use foam earbuds on them, because I remember for the NE-7M, you could mod the Shure Olives to fit...
I currently have a pair of Nu-Force NE-7M's, but they are 2 years old and losing quality. I really like them, but I want to try something else. I am thinking of getting a new pair of earphones, but don't know which ones to get! (I'm still pretty noob at this stuff xD) I have read many reviews, and the Klipch Image S4 and the Audio Technica ATH-CKS90 have interested me, but both aren't "like" the NE-7M. (they aren't shaped like the NE-7M or Etymonic earphones, I guess...
Just got mine yesterday! They sound pretty good out of the box, then they really start showing some quality even after 5 min of burn in! Some people have said that the M50 are slightly uncomfortable, but I don't see any problem with them...they fit nice a snug, and do not hurt even though I wear glasses~
Just bought mine on ebay yesterday! Can't wait till they come in >_<
Im gonna buy mine tomorrow! Would you guys say that this is a good place to buy from? I checked Audio Technica's homepage, and Audio-Topia WAS listed as an authorized dealer~ Just wondering if you guys have any experiance with them for shipping time and stuff~ Thanks~
ok, Thanks! I'm also getting the coiled version! So excited till my pay check comes in so I can buy them^^  
Hey guys just a quick question: Do you guys wrap the cord around the headphone and store them in the carrying bag, or do you just throw the headphones in there? Thanks!
Yep, Ive read alot of reviews that say this headphone is a steal at $110
I see...but if I find the M50 for a lower price from another reputable dealer, shouldn't I go with those? xD It seems that AudioTopia is an authorized dealer for Audio Technica (also checked Audio Technica's homepage), but just want to check with anyone of the forums to see if their customer service is good or not~
Hey guys~ I'm planning to buy a pair of M50, and was just searching ebay and was wondering if anyone has bought from AudioTopia? They have a pair up for $101 (including shipping), so I might buy from them. I have also contacted brianf/proaudiomart to see when they will get a pair of the M50 in stock. Here are some...
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