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hmm, I wouldn't mind a tad bit more bass, but if it's to the point where its "super extra uber bass", I think I'm going to have to pass on this "it messes with the sound too", do you mean that the taping also messes with the mids and treble? Also, how much isolation is lost? (if the stock ones are 100% isolation, what % isolation do the velours give at the same volume and environment?) Thanks~   Quote:  
I am planning to get the E7 for my Cowon J3, but would it be able to power the AKG K701? I understand that the K701 requires quite a bit of juice, but would the E7 be sufficient? Thank you~
Yep, here it is. There should also be a link to a braiding site somewhere in the thread. Also, I completely agree with jerg on the 750DJs. I tryed my friends out today and felt that the M50s had much more depth and were more comfortable, even with the pleather pads.    
Dunno if this was already asked, but how do the Velour pads feel with glasses on? I noticed that the pleather pads hurt right where my glasses meet my head (sides of head) after long use (2~3 hours). Also, I understand that the SQ of the M50s drastically changes (especially the bass), but can this be put back to normal by taping those holes under the pads? Thank you~   And yes, I have stretched out the headband of the M50 to reduce clamping pressure.
I have had a pair of M50's for about 6 months now, and I'd say they are a great pair for the price. Very balanced, but I'd say slightly on the bass side. I personally have the coiled cable version, which I suppose could be a bit heavy if I were to take them on the go. I remember seeing a thread on "braiding" the long cord of the M50 straight cable, so you can make the cable shorter by following that thread (works with any long cable I think). The pleather pads are...
Just unboxed them and tried them out. The tips seem to be the same, but WOW, I really must have had a defective pair because the bass on these are "thumping" ^^ I dunno any technical terms to describe it, but I guess you could say that the bass is "accurate"..? Treble is detailed, and I am looking forward to burning in these new pairs today^^
concrete   I should be getting my replacement today (since USPS tracking says it's in town), so I will check to see if the tips are any different. The tips that came with my first pair didn't really give me a good seal, so I am looking forward to these "new tips" ^^ Will report back later~   oh also, I've got to mention that Nu-Force has one of the best customer service EVER! I sent them a ticket about my pair, and 3 hours later they sent me an email saying...
I have a pair of M50s and I am loving them^^ I have tried my friends MS1s, and they do sound good, but I personally think the pads are a bit itchy, and isolation is not nearly as good because they are open ended~
ah, I still remember when I got my 7Ms and used them for the first time- pure bliss xD If you could make a 7M sized 700X, I would definitely buy it^^ Thanks for producing such great earphones at an affordable price~   I just tried the 700X at a higher volume than my 7M (the volume bar on my ipod is farther to the right) and I can feel a bit more bass now I still think I don't have a good fit though, as the 7M seem to feel like they go deeper in my...
I guess that would be easier than changing my head size xD It just a shame, I really wish I could use these since I'm a big fan of the 7Ms =/  
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