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 Ah, I guess that's also an option. I just dunno how difficult it will be to find a J3 battery since they are out of production =x I see, my first change will be the X5 then. I was looking at amps also because the X5 seems to have a case dedicated for strapping amps to it, and it looks pretty nice as well. I'll get an amp if I get any cans that require more power.I used the triple flange tips before I got the ACS and they did penetrate pretty far and isolated decently, but...
Hey all, been a while since I posted, I have been relatively satisfied with the gear I currently own. However, I think it's time for another upgrade(?): My Cowon J3 is somewhat dieing.   The battery indicator is inaccurate at times (1 bar would last me hours sometimes, 3 bars would last me 30 minutes sometimes), and I have noticed a substantial decrease in overall battery life. I have been using it for around 3~4 years now, almost daily. I definitely still love my J3,...
Ok, so here’s my story (slightly long). I bought the HF5s this summer and have loved how they sound. However, I could not get a good seal in the right ear unless I moved it every 10 minutes or so no matter what tips I used (stock tips, Klipsch, foams). I stopped using them frequently because it got annoying. I then remembered that ACS offered custom sleeves for the HF5s so I did a bit of research and decided to give them a shot.   I first used the Etymotic audiologist...
Hello guys, just wondering if any ACS custom users got the full shells? I've only seen pictures of canal tips used for the HF5, but I was told by an ACS representative that full shells were also an option. I got the audiologist, price, and color down, but want to know if I should go full shell or canal. Also, if any HF5/ACS users could help me out in my thread in the questions section, that would be great as well~ http://www.head-fi.org/t/680185/custom-acs-tips-maybe-amp
It all comes down to personal preference, but if you want my opinion, I'd get the black. You'll probably be using these outside frequently (as I do), and they may get a bit dirty/sweaty on a hot day. The pure white M80s would definitely reveal stains in the mesh and other areas more than the black/red ones.
Can't remember if double posting is allowed or not, sorry if it isn't >_<; A bit of an update/another question. I contacted ACS today to ask about their color options and refit costs if something goes wrong. I also asked whether you can choose full shell molds or canal molds, and they said yes. So, are there any key differences between full shell molds and canal molds, specifically for the HF5s?
Hello guys! Been a while since I posted here since I've been satisfied with my gear. However, as we all know, once you go head-fi, there's no turning back. I bought a pair of Etymotic HF5's during the Summer and have loved using them with J3 on the go. The isolation is much better than my other sets (I use the small triple flange) and with a bit of EQ to boost up the bass a bit, they sound superb.   My only problem is that the triple flange start to get uncomfortable...
Told ya they have excellent customer service ;] I believe they are etched into the metal with a laser~
I personally was able to get different logos on each shield by talking to customer service. They really have great service, I recommend shooting them an email about it~
Agreed, I'd love to try out the M100s and compare them to my M80s xD
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