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Yea I believe at least the E12 comes with rubber feet. I plan to receive mine in 2 days so I'll find out then. I would prefer to not use anything between the X5 and E12 (with the HS7 stacking kit), but if they do rub against each other and create damage, I'll probably use the feet.
Question for those that use the X5 with an amp, specifically the E12. Do you use rubber feet to prevent direct contact between the amp and X5? Should I be worried about scratchs/damage if I don't separate them with something?
 I see, thanks for the confirmation. Don't want another player to die on me because of a dead battery~
Quick question: Does the X5 automatically prevent overcharging of the battery? (i.e. stops charging when its fully charged, prevents battery decay)
 Just curious, where and for how much did you buy the X5 in Japan? o.oAlthough, I do sort of prefer the smooth circle than the rough one.
 I plan to go to the store again and see if I can try out the E12 to check any hissing with the HF5 and see how the bass boost works.To be honest, I dunno if I would ever get headphones/IEMs that would require such a (relatively, I assume) powerful amp to drive, mainly looking for the crossfeed and bass boost like you mentioned.Seems like the E12A would be a better fit for me in this case. In the mean time, I'm changing my plan of going with the bundle.I plan to get the X5...
Good to hear it works, I've never used a Sandisk SD card so was a bit worried.Ah, so I assume each click of tbe wheel moves the selection down one song. J don't think I'll have any trouble with the wheel then as long as it clicks.Good to hear about tbe battery since it is one of the reasons why I plan to switch from my J3 (dieing battery).Any complaints on the UI or does it even matter since there seem to be custom firmware where you can change the UI altogether?
Yea I've read a bit on the scroll wheel, how some people like the smooth one and others prefer the initial "rough" design (Japan edition). Does the wheel actually click when you turn it or is it a smooth rotation? Also, around how many hours of playback do you get per full charge? I see, I guess I'll get that card if I decide I need more than the 64GB that's included in the bundle. One question though: Is it better to get one large microSD card (64GB) or two smaller...
 I actually took a look at the E12 and E11k, noticed the curve on the E11k and thought "Wouldn't this make it a bit difficult to strap onto the player?". The E12 on the other hand was nice and smooth, really liked the overall look and feel of it. Most pictures I've seen have the X5 strapped to the E12, so they do seem to match in size.Do you think the HF5, M50, or M80s would be affected by the channel imbalances?  I see, really wish I could put some of my tracks in a X5...
 I see, thanks for the advice on EQ. Most of my music is 320k, so hopefully its good enough. My J3 seems to handle it very well, although I do have some custom EQ settings.I found this deal on amazon that is pretty much a bundle of all the things I want (was looking to get a 64GB card as well) + a leather case. I'm going to search around the prices for each individual piece in both Japan and America, then decide what's the cheapest/most efficient option. Still sort of...
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