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Ah I see, I'll try out Hi-Fi when I get home and see if I get the same problem.
 Drag and drop the x5.fw onto TF1 SD card, hold the top left button and turn it on, it should update.This information is also in the first post of the thread~
 No problem, glad I could help! Here's a short guide for people who have embedded album art and want to export the album art as a cover.extension (or reverse this and re-embed album art).This should get rid of the lag when moving from track to track on the X5.NOTE: I have only tested this on mp3 and flac files, with my library organized as Music/Artist/Album/track. Always remember to backup if you are unsure of what you are doing. Starting Off1. Grab Mp3tag as it will be...
Regarding the album art, I personally did not experience any stuttering during tracks, but definitely experienced lag in track information changes (title, album, artist) between track changes. After I deleted all my embedded art and switched to a single cover.jpg within each folder, the lag completely disappeared. Seemed to save a bit of space too.
 I just tried this out on an album, and as you said, there is no almost no lag when skipping through tracks when one cover.jpg is used as album art over actual embedded art.I guess I'll delete all the songs off of the SD card, extract the album art from all my albums, then re-load my SD card with the new tracks. Also, I have a question:Is it possible to have the X5 remember the last song played before shutdown, but not automatically start playing the song when you boot it...
Ah I see, most of my album art is 500x500 so I guess I'll just have to live with it. Not a big problem though and the sacrifice is worth the SQ in my opinion. Thanks for the explanation~
Hm, I do have a modded FW installed, but its modded over 2.4 so I dunno why I'm still experiencing the lag...The lag was present with stock 2.4 FW as well.
Just got my X5 today and tested a bunch of these themes out. It took me a full 1.5 hours to decide which theme I wanted to keep because all of them are so nice! In the end, I was between Modern Simplicity and McFiiOtosh, eventually went with McFiiOtosh because it looks very unique and I feel that it matches the X5 physical look as well.   Thank you guys for all the awesome themes, I may try to make something in the future!
Just received my X5 and E12A today, I've only listened to a couple of tracks (been busy with trying out modded firmwares) but WOW, it's almost as if my music has been "cloudy" all this time. The X5 alone has quite nice SQ but paired with the E12A, seems like I'm going to listen to my entire library to pick up what I've missed. I also really like the look and feel, it has a "good" weight to it in my opinion.   I did notice that the wheel may take some getting used to...
Thank you all for the great ideas! I'll probably go with CH23's method, might also search for a runners belt because Hawaiibadboy's method looks pretty awesome and versatile.
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