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 Thanks for the heads up! Bad idea afterall! Fortunately I haven't done it :) What about clear lacquer? WIll that produce the same result?
Has anyone tried protecting the paint on the housing from fading? I'm thinking of using a layer of clear lacquer, maybe clear nail varnish (lol) when I get mine in the next few days. Please can anyone tell me if that's a good or bad idea?
Amazing. Thank you for your reply. Exactly the comparison I was after. I went with my instincts and bought an EX1000 from a fellow head-fier. Hoping it arrives soon! I love the EX1000's treble, sub bass and it's neutral and natural presentation. I feel like the XBA series is more focused on mainstream music. I had the XBA H1 briefly and I could instantly tell that Sony lost its direction. Really wish they bring back the EX signature in the future.
Did anybody managed to get the Rockets for £99. Gutted I just missed out on the deal and would love to try the Rockets to see what all the hype was about
Thanks for your input cuiter23. Really appreciate it
Completely different sounding huh? That's pretty disappointing. What I really loved about the EX1000 was how beautiful, refined and effortless it sounded. If even the Z5 can't improve on that, then I guess I have to keep looking or go back to the EX1000.
Can anybody directly compare the A3 with the EX1000? It's been years since I had the EX1000 and I still haven't found an IEM which I like better.
Just heard my friend's Goldring DR150 with Vero150 cable upgrade and it sounds awesome like the HJE900! Definitely sounds real. Stock cable sounds average though so looks like the cable does make a difference :)
As per title, I'm looking to buy a Sony 7550 or W2 or Phillips S1 at a decent price.   Wouldn't mind making a trade with my XBA-H1 :) Make me an offer!
Love this! I'm in for UK  / Europe! 
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