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Just heard my friend's Goldring DR150 with Vero150 cable upgrade and it sounds awesome like the HJE900! Definitely sounds real. Stock cable sounds average though so looks like the cable does make a difference :)
As per title, I'm looking to buy a Sony 7550 or W2 or Phillips S1 at a decent price.   Wouldn't mind making a trade with my XBA-H1 :) Make me an offer!
Love this! I'm in for UK  / Europe! 
 Yes, I forgot about that! I remember Roma101 saying that in this thread somewhere about the Pro500. They're not IEMs and they aren't as affordable as the HJE900 but definitely worth a look. I'm still contemplating on whether I should splash the cash. I have now a W1000x as desktop and Atrios (soon) as portable. The Pro500 may as well be the in between!
 I'm a big fan of the HJE900 and even though I don't own any Grados, I've heard my fair share of them including the 225i and have a rough idea of what the series sound like. Now, I'm in love with the tone / timbre of the HJE900 i.e. how real and accurate they sound, esp. drums and guitars. If you're like me, then let me tell you this. No other headphones / IEMs have a signature that comes close. Trust me, I have been trying over the past couple of years to find an upgrade,...
Just checking for interest in this trade. Pics available on request :)  Thanks for looking!
They're amazing. Most realistic sounding IEMs I've ever tried. Other IEMs might have better detail, but none sound as close to the real thing as these. Maybe too much detail is a bad thing, as this famous photographer said about shooting with film/digital. Still trying to find a replacement for it after the cable on my unfortunately broke :( Might just go for a CIEM now.
For sale is my JVC FXT90. It's only several months old and still in great condition. Can come with or without the original box. Also for sale is Panasonic HJE900 with faulty right cable. All items now SOLD. Thank you
what do you mean by "sissy"? seriously considering the 7550 at that price! how is it compared to the ex1000?
Is that time of the year again!    Sign me up for UK/Europe!    Please and thank you!!
New Posts  All Forums: