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You can get one already assembled in for sale forum right now but be aware that it suitable for high impedance headphones only (250 ohm and up) such as HD650, HD800, T1 and DT770/880/990 (250 and 600 ohm versions)
Finally found out that I will be able to show up. Will bring HD800 with Moon Audio Blue Dragon as well as Q-Audio French Silk cables (they also compatible with Audeze headphones since they use 4 pin mini XLR connectors) and Sony 7520 plus RWAK100 which in my opinion has just enough power to drive Alpha Dogs
Just be aware that you will be double amping unless your integrated can act as power amp only driving your speakers
I heard both and while HP50 a lighter but Alpha Dogs have more balanced sound when driven by RWAK100 with boost off. I also had to use felt disk from treats kit to get sound I'm looking for
I'm sure there are many people who are interested but not for such price
Ready to pay extra $300 for bad isolation and prominent bass?
Is wider soundstage and better instruments separation important for you? If yes, I would stick with HD700
Completely agree but in my case ADs are not for me without the discs
If I understand it correctly only dots are installed if Dan thinks it's necessary but discs are not
I would upgrade Dac too. If you want Shiit amp go with Lyr
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