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Yes it's nice looking but everyone here talking about the best sound. I rather have better sound and less nice look than great look and so so sound but this doesn't apply to WA7, it's just means that with right tubes paining Crack is way better
Check for sale forum maybe you will find one already assembled just for sale
In such case better to get DAC and Crack and skip WA7
Plus Crack sounds way better but you will have to get DAC separately which is in the long run is better
WA7 is great with HD650 if you want something to buy, connect, install driver if your computer running windows, plug your headphones and enjoy your music and never need to do anything extra besides getting upgrade tubes
Also for your information Plus uses dual 8740 Dacs while 100 uses single 8742 but I have no idea what is real difference since had no chance to compare them. I really enjoyed HD650 with Moon Audio Blue Dragon cable which now after modification driving HD800 but still not sure if I should send Silver Dragon and modify to use with XLR and 1/4" for them
I had Matsu****a with Lyr and it was my least liked tube. I prefer very unpopular Russian 6N1P over it
I like better detail retrieval, it pairs great with S.E.X. even better compared to Lyr, sorry can't give more detailed comparison like others here
With HD800 I prefer DacMagic Plus over Bifrost Uber
wish I have enough money but not my luck
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