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I heard both and while HP50 a lighter but Alpha Dogs have more balanced sound when driven by RWAK100 with boost off. I also had to use felt disk from treats kit to get sound I'm looking for
I'm sure there are many people who are interested but not for such price
Ready to pay extra $300 for bad isolation and prominent bass?
Is wider soundstage and better instruments separation important for you? If yes, I would stick with HD700
Completely agree but in my case ADs are not for me without the discs
If I understand it correctly only dots are installed if Dan thinks it's necessary but discs are not
I would upgrade Dac too. If you want Shiit amp go with Lyr
As for amp build, if you good with soldering, or buy assembled from for sale forum Bottlhead Crack. As for cable, if you not ready to spend some good money, keep buying stock but buying a good aftermarket one will save you in a long term since they last longer and you can get length you need
So I have 1 x Westinghouse 1956 ECC82 Long Black Plate - $old       Sylvania 5814A       - $old       GE 5814A 1950's    - 25 Both Sylvania and GE are matching pairs. All tubes are white box I also have Phiips 7316 Original box  139  and Brimar 12AU7 original box for 27 Tesla ECC802S Platinum Pins  - $old Also I have Russian Winged C 6H13C from '80 from factory not longer in business for just 35 , this tube replaces 5998 or 6080 Stock USN CRC-6080WA is 15 Ken Rad...
I also have many tubes for Crack some of them are great pairing with 5998
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