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Your math is correct but you forgetting two things. They a companies buying them in bulk for low price to make profit, plus they have much lower price for shipping since they ship a lot every day. While I, as everyone else here, paid much more and not making any profit but trying to minimize my loss. Insured shipping of such heavy bulky item will cost around $40 since it can't fit into flat rate box so you paying for each oz of weight so for me $40 make the difference as...
Price adjusted
Where? I only know one which offers 849 new
Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus sounds better for me than Bifrost Uber (I used Bifrost for couple of months) with S.E.X. driving HD800 and it's now on sale for just $499 till end of this year
Nice to know I hope you going to enjoy them
Where tour pair of ADs right now?
Thanks and sorry for mistake
Heard AD at the NYC meet yesterday driven by Liquid Gold with 2 sets of tubes (I prefer with small ones and Dan too) , portable setup and Shiit stack and compared to MD. I prefer MD only with Schiit stack but I think it's only because Lyr had stock tubes. Until version 3.2 MD had not enough bass for me but 3.2 has what I'm looking for but after trying AD at 2 meets with so many different setups I would get AD over MD. They have excellent comfort and isolation and don't...
Heard LCD-X driven by $4000 RWA Dac/Amp today at NYC meet and while they sound way better than LCD-XC driven by Woo Audio WA5, I don't think they sound much better than HD800. I think it's just will be sound signature preference while LCDs are as usual heavy and uncomfortable. To me ugly looking Abyss sound way better than LCD-X/XC and are more comfortable than LCDs
DAC works with OS X without problems, just make sure to switch your output from built-n speakers to the Dac.
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