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For Alpha Dogs, but for HD700/800 I would use Schiit stack. Dan now has my tubes so maybe he can find a moment to say what he thinks
I don't agree.I perfectly know everyone hears things differently but I prefered WA7 with EH tubes over Schiit stack with 3 different tubes sets I have tried because of clarity
For sale is well known Schiit Lyr amp in like new condition with stock tubes, original box. I'm the second owner who bought from this forum while original owner bought directly from Schiit and sold it to me after about 2 mont of ownership . I used for about 2 months and added about 180 hour of usage. The reason it was sitting on my table doing nothing a long time is that I was waiting for a demo pair of Alpha Dogs to test but since I completed it I no longer need...
Not sure about extended but it deep any punchy for me
For me HD700 and 800 have bass as good as HD650 but have better instrument separation and details retrieval plus wide soundstage then HD650
Speakers are placement and room acoustic dependent which means they could sound great at the shop or your friend's house but not so good in yours so when buying speakers it's best to have a home trial or ability to return for full refund in case you don't like how they sound. But still I wouldn't use $10 cable
I listening to many different genres of music and so far can't find any genre for which I want different headphones
But you can sell T1, for me HD800 have wide soundstage than T1 with Crack while before I was prefering T1 over HD800 with other setups I heard at the meets
Crack is way better with HD800 than Lyr, I had both at the same time and Crack beat Lyr hands down even if only you can afford GE/Sylvania 5814A / Chatham 5998 tubes
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