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5998 should work perfectly with HD800
Not a problem
No they not leaking and they have best isolation i have heard so far . the only noise you would hear is some subway train or police/fire siren and the like. I wish all closed headphones isolate so well. If you trying to save money by going with MDP don't do it unless electronic music with emphasized bass is your only thing
As good as Alpha Dogs since they use same pads
Thanks to Tom for organizing the meet and sorry to hear that Vinnie and Eric were unable to make it. Thanks a lot to Jude for bringing Oppo PM-1. I heard them with 3 different amps Eddie Current 2A3, The Wire and Woo Audio WA7 with and without new PSU. I always said why should i buy heavy, not comfortable and more expensive Audeze headphones when i can have HD800 instead but now for me Oppo PM-1 is the answer because on those setups they sound as good as Audeze but are...
Who cares about measurements, trust your ears
Yes that exactly what i mean. And i don't need emphasized bass unless you are listening to some electronic music where it's part of the music
TH-600 have more prominent bass and bad isolation while AD have neutral sound and great isolation. If electronic music with prominent bass is what you are after get MDP , if you all around headphones get AD
Just heard PM-1 at the NYC (thanks to Jude) but still want to hear with my gear
Never tried the ones you mentioning but getting higher end Dac does make the difference. Arcam irDac and Matrix X-Sabre are the most noticeable among those i have tried
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