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It's very simple you need 1/8" on DragonFly side and regular RCA on Asgard side
Yes I heard them personally that why I'm posting my opinion but I would go with Asgard, there is plenty in for sale forum and even I sell one
I would keep DragonFly over E17
I didn't touch the screw either but agree that they have a little bit too much bass
Sorry forgot to mention this time but I was using DacMagic Plus as DAC only and Bottlehead S.E.X. amp
I tried demo pair of AD with both included cables while using Moon Audio Blue Dragon adapter for the cable terminated with 4 pin XLR but herd no any improvement over provided SE cable but I heard slight difference when connected to speakers taps but I preferred some recording with speakers taps and some with SE cable
Intrigued by criagster's question about SRH1540 and since they cost less (even with the tax) and easily obtainable from B&H i bought them yesterday and tried them with AK100 since this is the only reason I need them. I tried them during my ride from work last night and here what I found. They much lighter but their comfort will depend on the shape of your head and while it's better than DT1350 its not as good as AD for me but I can still live with it unlike DT1350. And...
I tried Alpha Dogs demo pair with DacMagic Plus and I like it plus I really love my DacMagic Plus / S.E.X. combo driving my HD800 connected to speakers taps. This is my end game home setup
Maybe it's the case because I do have both 1/4' jack and 4 pin XLR attached to speakers taps but when using same main cable and adapter part made from it I do hear the difference. I just nknow that it was built and modified by member nikongod
Thanks for bad news, price adjusted. At least they keep common manufacturers mistake
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