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Still have for sale WA7 with stock as well as EH tubes
So what happened with “fixed" demo pair, still interested to try them
Don't forget HD700's impedance is 150 Ohm but for me HD700 still sound very good with Crack
Yes Crack is DIY but you can find one in for sale forum frequently
If you want your HD800 sound best go for Bifrost Uber or DacMagic Plus, I prefer it over Bifrost and use it as Dac only, and BH Crack, It's way way better then WA7
I currently enjoying my HD800 with Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus (using as DAC only) and modified BH S.E.X. amp but still curious to know if NAD D1050 or Micromega Director can beat DacMagic Plus
+1Especially since you have Crack
If you don't like much wider soundstage then HD800 are not for you but since it gives me better instruments separation and details retrieval I definitely enjoying HD800
Completely agree, HD650 with Crack could easily be end game setup
For me HD700 sound way better than HD650 with WA7, that's why I bought HD700 and sold HD650 right after that
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