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While i completely agree that PM-1 are overpriced and that The Wire isn't good pairing for them , they sound great with EC2A3 and WA7 (even with stock power supply) so i would rather buy PM-1 and save or buy an amp or dac and enjoy music for hours instead of spending all the money on Pain On Your Neck LCD-3/X which i can use for just 30 seconds but because of too short time with LCD-3/X i can't comment on soundstage difference. I will never forget that deep clean tight...
Better save more and get Arcam irDac, for example, than buying Bifrost Uber instead
I tried demo pair of Alpha Dogs with Bifrost Uber / Lyr with 3 sets of tubes but preferred them with WA7 with EH tubes. I think it's just a personal preferenceSent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
Very simple. The whole album is just one big file and tracks are in the same order as on CD Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
Just curious why people ripping discs by tracks when  you can rip it as image where entire album is just one file and if your collection has 600 albums you will have just 600 files instead around 6000?
Unfortunately it's not so easy. I spent a lot hours playing with 3 different equalizers but was unable to get sound i was when driving D7000 with WA7 and it took me just a few minutes to get what i want while driving HD650
I had over 300 hours on EH tubes and really enjoyed them , never looked back to stock ones
I heard it at Babylon yesterday with stock and Sylvania 8514A tubes and bass became deeper with 8514s
5998 should work perfectly with HD800
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