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Yes this the one I'm talking about. I had no chance to try Ragnarok yet and I'm well aware that crimson is 2800 but when compared to Liquid with both types of tubes I still prefer Crimson even while Crimson was used with Gungnir Dac while Liquid was used with Vega Dac costing more than Crimson and yes I'm well aware about importance of synergy between dac, amp and headphones as well as cables connecting them
Exactly why that little difference worth the money
If I was looking for an end game amp only it would be Crimson. At the recent NYC meet I had a chance to compare Prime with two different setups Dan had at the meet I personally prefer new Crimson over the Liquid he still using as well. I'm not saying it's a day and night difference it's just synergy which let's me just enjoy music without worrying about too much bass for my taste or not enough treble sparkle . Yes right now I own 3 different tubes amps and really enjoying...
So just get balanced with adapter and then just disconnect it when you get balanced amp. It's just more convenient than cutting and modifying it later
Try and decide for yourself. Both could be and should be used with wasapi event mode to get some improvement. J River has built in resampler which you have to use in order to get wasapi mode to work. Foobar2000 in addition to included resampler also can use SoX resampler which you can download by googling SoX plugin for foobar2000 (I prefer one over the stock one). Also foobar2000 is much easier to setup
What gain are you using HA-1 with? Since T1 are high impedance headphones you should use HIGH gain. Also for best results you should should use balanced cable
If you have enough money and really want to have a great amp which is both SS and tubes (such amps are called hybrid) you should try Cavali Crimson but if you if your budget is lower than you should consider suggestion above my post
Are you planning to use WA7 as amp only while using HA-1 as Dac only? If so I would choose different tubes amp cause for best results you should also get WA7tp power supply so in the long run will end up costing more than HA-1 plus you should spend some more money on tubes for power supply.
I well aware about it and currently using foobar2000 with wasapi event mode
But isn't windows shouldn't do anything like this if you are using ASIO or Wasapi?
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