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If you want small but noticeable difference which will be just a personal preference you could go with Bifrost Uber or DacMagic Plus but if you want to go higher level you would go with Arcam irDac, for example
That's why we should get PM-1 to solve the problem plus it will save us some money
I never heard Garage 1217 so can't comment but agree that Crack with stock tubes is not very special. Only upgrading tubes will let him shine
Yes it affects both but senergy between HD650/800 and Crack is better
That's the problem. You need to change tubes to get better sound
I tried HD800 with Shiit stack and with Crack with Speedball plus some tube rolling and found Crack much better regardless of tubes i have tried with Lyr
You are wrong because i , for example also interested in just one tube since Decware CSP needs only one
To get more from your amp get ready to buy new power supply with tubes and do some tube rolling
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