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Exactly, the sound will depend on the gear you use. I, for example, would never liked Ether if the only setup I heard them with was Yggdrasil /WA5 combo but after trying with Liquid Crimson and LIO I have to have them at home to compare to my modded HD800
While I completely agree that Ether are great headphones and I have to have at home to do proper comparison but I think Ether sound stage is holographic but not as wide as HD800. Also whatever negative you say about HD800 applies only to stock HD800. And while I liked LCD3 with certain setups at the meets I would take Ether over LCD3
So is it production version Of HE1000?Which amp was your favorite at the Dan's desk in Nashville?
So how you compare Ether and HE1000?Unfortunately I only heard HE1000 with Hifiman setup and didn't like them
Maybe that's what will make difference, will be interesting to read your impressions
Exactly, sorry for not being specific
Vinnie have tried with LIO and said it's unnecessary
No I don't have them but had a chance to hear them at the recent NYC meet with setups Dan and Vinnie had. Sorry that I forgot to mention that
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