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Depending on your sound signature preference you may like them with certain amp while others will not. I, for example, don't like maxed WA5 and Ragnarok Dan has cause of emphasized bass but really enjoy Liquid Crimson and LIO with several configurations
Buy it then, it should be able to replace many different things you have and a lot of space too and you can use it with and without tubes depending on your mode or preference especially since you can have only modules you want
Because it uses upgraded capacitors instead of stock ones
Just want everyone to know that LIO's DAC works without problems under Windows 10 using existing driver
Try it, use different presets
Which player are you using? It's volume setting should be set to maximum
While I don't own Ether unfortunately yet but I heard them at the latest NYC meet in May and can say that while I heard pronounced bass with Ether it was only with some setups , in my case when Yggdrasil /WA5 and Yggdrasil /Ragnarok combo was used while playing Daft Punk Random Access Memory album
Instead of relaunching just click Cancel when Buy licence popup appears but honestly it's annoying
That good, thanks
Hi, Darin what about Windows 10 support?
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