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I think WA7 is really good match for HD650 as all in one solution for crowded desk but for the best results I would get tube power supply and external DAC such as Bifrost Uber or DacMagic plus (my preference between the two)
But isn't using fixed RCA out should do the same?
Are you coming to the NYC meet in Babilon at the beginning of May, curious to hear TVC module ?
Much wider soundstage and better instrument separation and details retrieval
I never used the amp but preferred it's Dac over Bifrost uber
Get yourself Norne audio Draug 2 cable and enjoy it will be less than $300 unless you want very long one
No power cord is included
Have no idea if cyro treated would make a difference but you getting the right kind of connection
I used to drive HD800 with 4 different balanced cables but never had any problems but be aware that I never used supplied power cord
You can only connect powered speakers directly to HA-1
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