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Of course X-Sabre, which I still have for sale by the way, is really great, neutral, musical and very analog sounding Dac. The only cheaper Dac which is close to it i heard and owned at the same time so was able to compare is Arcam IrDac
Great idea, hopefully it's will be at least as good as SoCal meet i read about
Hi Scott. It's not a problem to take 45 min train ride, i'm just hoping that it might happen in Queens as it was before
Sorry but completely agree with Frank. I understand that Babylon is way cheaper than Queens but CT isn't NY
This is the most cost-effective choice for your money
HD700 since HD800 are too expensive
Alpha Dogs have great isolation for the daily commute
Thankfully you can play DSD files on Windows using free Foobar2000 with add-on
But is this difference in soundworth that huge difference in price?
It better be for the twice the price
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