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+1 on X-Sabre which easily could be end game DAC
Still have but one
What will work for you depends on few things. If you need closed headphones with great isolation than its Alpha Dogs. If you want open headphones with darker no sparkle treble than PM-1 is for you but if you want more detailed treble than LCD is for you. But PM-1 have best comfort among them
Sorry for mistake
HD800 are for use at home not as portable
Black Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
Than DragonFly is very good and affordable start
Because bass isn't boosted or emphasized but it's here if recording calls for it
In case you like them yes
But didn't they said that if you use offline order form you can do international purchase and return if you don't like but will have to pay for shipping back? Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
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