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You can upgrade to irDac
Where are those upgraded?
I only heard music playing from mac at the meets only so can't comment but would still recommend to try HQPlayer too and report how it compares
I own LIO which has Dac, headphones amp and AVC with tube module and it sounds really excellent driving my Max134 moded HD800 and it's most musical and analogue sound I have ever heard. For the best results I would encourage at least all Windows users to try HQPlayer which for me beats foobar and j River but be aware it will reveal every single weakness of the recording playing but also will show how great properly recorded and mastered record is. Thanks Vinnie for finally...
Everything what is processed by OOYH has to be resampled first to 48000
No you don't need to go over $1000, get irDac for $700
Get used Cambridge Audio DacMagic Plus
Hopefully he will have those too expensive HE-1000 with him
As long as they have good synergy that's a way to go
Would be interested to hear Zana Deux SE
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