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What Dac are you using? Maybe it doesn't support multi channel
I'm currently using moded Bottlehead SEX with 4 pin XLR to speakers taps adapter cable
ASIO is preferable
Which player and what mode you were using?
You can without problems since output is stereo
Never heard it myself yet but will agree with others that it's true about Crack since I tried it with HD700 and HD800, have one for sale by the way
+1Unfortunately never heard Valhalla yet
I would recommend to stretch the budget and get Lyr
Unfortunately not for me. Can't play SACD ISOs (they play fine with Foobar2000) plus I don't like the sound in wasapi mode, there are few others things but I can live with them
I really really happy with Out of my head but prefer to use Foobar2000 and Kodi (formerly XMBC) over J River MC20
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