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No WA7 is very heavy
If you want great Dac which will take less space and cost less get Arcam iRdac
Me too but Sony strap does much better job
Normally it should take about 10 business days to get Norne cable but right now Trevor is too busy with the Draug 2 preorders as well as regular orders
I wish Dan switch to 4 pin mini XLR and Sony comfort strap instead of his own
To improve the comfort Dan should replace comfort strap with the Sony one
Foobar2000 with SACD plugin playing DSD files in native mode without problems
I own Silver Dragon too but it has HD700 connectors so I have 4 pin mini XLR on their way to me so that my friend Max134 could change them for me
I'm happy with my grill / pads moded HE-560. But still interested to know if T1 would be better choice then HD800
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