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That's exactly why I suggested to have volume level profiles so that you can easily switch between them depending on the recording you have
Of course you get your dac and amp first and only then cable but to find the right cable is important cause I prefer Draug 2 for HD800 but Vanquish for HE-560, i also like Vanquish with Alpha Prime
Get Vanquish cable from Norne audio
Tube rolling is very noticeable on the Crack
Had a chance to hear Alpha Prime at the NYC regional meet in Stamford driven by Cavali Liquid tub amp as well as new Crimson amp and they sound great way better than Alpha Dogs plus I really enjoyed them straight from RWAK100. So if you don't have enough bass while recording has one blame your DAC and /or amp not the headphones
Yes I'm on the train, would be nice to catch the shuttle
So I'm on my way to grand central hoping to catch 8:04 train to Stamford. Bringing HD800 with 4 aftermarket cables Moon Audio Blue Dragon and Silver Dragon, Norne audio vanquish and Draug 2 cables all terminated with 4 pin XLR. Blue Dragon and Draug 2 have matching 4 pin XLR to 1/4" adapter cable. All cables have 4 pin mini XLR on headphones side. Blue Dragon and vanquish are for sale by the way. Also bringing Sony's MDR 7520 and RWAK100
Anyone coming from NYC has a spot in his car for a skinny guy with backpack with HD800 and 4 aftermarket cables which will also work with Audeze headphones?
Completely agree
HD800 sound great with HA-1 especially with balanced cable
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