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Don't know if it's important for you but Shure 1540 have bad isolation while Alpha Dogs have excellent one , also hopefully you're not going to have comfort issues with DT1350 if you decide to go with them but it's better to try them before you buySent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
Fits without problems, it uses same 9 pin layout
HD800 sound great with HA-1 on high gain while TH900 shouldn't have problems with normal gain. As i already said couple of times before HA-1's Dac is as good as well known Matrix X-Sabre costing $1099.
But if i'm not mistaken Benchmark Dac 2 cost 800 more. But does the difference worth it?
Oppo Digital rep said here that they have nothing to do with Oppo in China
But you think Lyr 2 will be able to do a better job with LCD2?
You definitely should. How much depends on your sound signature preference
Thanks for info but can you please compare HA-1 amp and Mytek amp driving HD800 using Mytek dac with USB. Also do you know if allows return with money back guarantee?
From Mytek website is not clear if it support native DSD but if you are sure it does it makes it more interesting and tempting but the problem is that as well as with other units you mentioned you have to pay extra $400 or more and often for features you will never use
Give it minimum 20 hours of burning in before making any opinions
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