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I also had original Lyr and personally preferred 6N1P tubes over Orange Globes or Matsu 6922
BDP105 costs as much as HA-1 but also has discovered playing capabilities which not everyone needs in our days
Hopefully will be able to hear it too
So did you try BDP105 or HA-1? First try HA-1's balanced out then make any conclusion
I agree with regrilling mod, thanks to my friend Max134 it's already done but I also turned pads 90 degree so that stitches facing back because I think it's affecting how treble sound comparing to factory settings
So what difference you hear?
Sabre ES9018 Dac is good pairing for HE-560
Get a Crack first, Bifrost or DacMagic Plus next and only if you happy with them you can start thinking about cable
Had a chance to try ZMF X vibro and compare to HE-560 and I prefer HE-560 since they not even close, yes I'm aware that X vibro are closed
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