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Great news. I will bring some tubes so people can hear how the same headphones will sound
So setup so that others can try and then do what are you here for
Thanks for great news, will be interesting to compare Ether to modded HD800 especially with non stock tubes
Will be there too. Bringing moded HD800 with 4 aftermarket cables with 4 pin mini XLR on headphones side. I have black Oppo HA-1 for sale so PM me if interested
OK, thanks
Are your T1 terminated with factory 1/4" or maybe with 4th pin XLR? If the later I would be very appreciative if you bring them
Right now I own a $4k LIO and it has external power. It took me just 30 seconds to notice improvement over Bifrost
You should really consider irDac, definitely better than Bifrost Uber
Right now I have HD800 modded by my friend Max134 driven by LIO with tube module which uses 6N1P tubes while using HQPlayer and this is most musical and analogue sound I've ever heard
If you have mac you don't need any drivers, just USB 2.0 cables plus correct settings
New Posts  All Forums: