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HD650 are great for home , SRH1540 not good for outside use but yes you need 2 different headphones one for home and other for outside. And if you want to spend less than $500 HD650 are great choice
CSP3 + HA-1 dac + moded HD800
If I'm not mistaken DSD supported on Windows with USB only
Which player are you using for DSD?
Yes it can, just go to the settings and enable home theater bypass .
Never tried TH900 but if you get tube power supply which uses tubes for rectifier duties you will be able to control sound signature using tubes rolling
If you have something to attach to it it definitely will work and sound will improve. Confirmed by using 2 different amps
See no reason unless you don't like how HD800 sound with your setup
To try different tubes is the only way to find out which ones will work best for you. I, for example, was in minority who prefer very unpopular 6N1P over very popular Matsu 6922 or Orange Globes
Of course you need better tubes
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