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I agree that all balanced amps should have both output jacks but I think the reason most manufacturers don't do it cause they think that if someone buys balanced amp he/she either already have or will buy an aftermarket cable with proper termination if don't. Also tube module is for volume control so should affect either amp if both installed but not DAC unless variables level outputs are used. Have no idea how difficult and expensive to implement gain /volume matching for...
You can choose which one you want when ordering
Based on my experience with different Dac/Amp combos I doubt you will find something cheaper than HA-1. But never heard Garage 1217 amps yet so can't comment if their SS amp can be a comparable to HA-1's even if you get a Arcane irDac instead Bifrost
That's exactly why you had to have so high volume level. Get balanced cable and problem is gone
I heard Alpha Prime with HA-1 at the recent NYC meet and liked what I heard but it was a quick listen just to try if it's can handle them and it does good job for the money but be aware that I used balanced out and think that if you want to get most from your headphones you should use balanced out.
Don't think it will happen soon thanks to Chinese New Year starting on February 19
Yes but only factory has it
That chart was for 12AU7 tubes used in the power supply not the amp
If you like Alpha Dogs you should like Xbox vibro unless he made new changes after recent NYC meet which I'm not aware about
You are not the first and not the last who regrets selling his headphones. If it's serious you will buy them again
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