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Old version isn't compatible with Windows 10. You should email Darin instead of posting here
I attended RMAF and have tried Ether (before I bought them) with Crimson again since it is my reference amp, Gold and after being encouraged by Alex himself with Carbon. I also have tried HE1K but have no idea why should I spend twice more for them over the Ether
Very sorry but while I do love tubes I would rather buy Crimson or Gold over Glass
Very sorry for interrupting but I have no problem using DUM cable
Then wait for new Alex Cavali portable amp and hope that it will be cheaper than Carbon
Hey, anyone found AKG DT1770?
Yes they have office in Colorado and the price mentioned is 1800 and while They're on heavy side definitely not as heavy as Audeze including LCD4 which are still too heavy
They had two pairs, one with the darker wood, which I would take over HE1000 and other, with lighter wood, and I would agree are bright
Waiting to board the plane @LGA, see you all tomorrow
Hi DanWhat forms of payment will you accept at the show?See you there
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