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This isn't first time I've heard He-6 at the meets with different setups but they never impressed me unlike Ether
I heard HE-6 briefly from the speakers taps of LIO after trying Ether from headphones amp since Ether are too efficient but heard nothing special so that get interested in more serious audition
I heard my modded HD800 on all 3 amps he had and once again Cavali Liquid Crimson was the best while Ragnarok had a little too much bass to my liking affecting treble quality and all 3 my favorite tracks from Daft Punk Random Access Memory didn't sound as clear as with Crimson while over $5K WA5 with all possible upgrades and famous Princess tubes was the worst for me . Than had a chance to try with Vinnie Rossi's LIO which had AK4399 based DAC, headphones amp among other...
I heard Ether with 4 different amps and 2 different DACs and every time Ether beats HD800, the only thing is sound stage width but clarity and transparency of details in reproduction of individual instruments is unbelievable lifelike , trumpet, saxophone and cello is good example. Also it will reveal quality of recording you are listening to
Because Ether beats HD800 in every way with the right setup and I'm comparing Ether with modded HD800 where treble brightness is long gone and bass have more body and punch but still not as good and deep as Ether
The tape is here just for transportation, you can remove it. Any DIYer should easily get a beautiful enclosure, I'm not one of them and when buying I only was carrying regarding sound quality
On my way there with Max134, see everyone soon
Hopefully at the end of the meet will be possible to try Yggdrasil /Liquid Carbon combo. Really excited to compare Ether to my modded HD800
OK I understand
hi Scott are you still planning to bring your 6DJ8/6922 tubes? Maybe you have Amperex Orange Globes or Buggle Boys?
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