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You should consider Cambridge audio DacMagic plus, it's UK product and could be used vertically using provided stand to save space. I personally preferred its sound over Bifrost Uber
If you want best sound plus ability to change sound signature using different tubes then get power supply while it still part of the deal
Some people would prefer Bifrost uber plus Crack with Speedball
I don't think it's an upgrade it's a sound signature preference. But even if buying WA7 I would recommend also getting tubes power supply and Bifrost for best results
No but you forgetting rule of diminished return but if you want best HD800 are the way to go. If your budget is limited you can get HD700 but it will be difficult to sell them later when you will be ready to get HD800
Both HD700 and HD800 will give you what you want but they are considered bright by many users but partial Annex mod will take care of it. The difference between HD800 and HD700 that HD800 are more refined
Sorry I mean HD700 and HD800?
What do you expect from them
Partial Annex mod takes care of brightness with HD800
Details, imaging, soundstage and instruments separation that's why I prefer HD700 and now HD800 over HD650
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