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HD650 are very picky with what amps you use to drive them so that will determine how good bass will be
Please please bring the Transdac or Theta
That's great idea
Vinnie planning to have balanced inputs and outputs later but be aware that LIO's motherboard is single-ended
I perfectly understand your unsuccessful first attempt but I would be very happy if you reconsider your decision and would try it one more time
No phono stage is for turntables, you need either headphones amp or speakers amp plus 4 pin XLR to speakers taps adapter cable and of course your headphones cable should have 4 pin XLR termination
I got LIO which in my case has DAC and a tube module which works with volume control and since it's modular you can add features or upgrade as you see fit
Yes, of course you can use ASIO especially if you want to play DSD
Look way better than Hifiman and I'm sure build quality will be top notch
At the last NYC meet I heard Prime with both Vega/Liqid Gold and Gungnir/Crimson setups Dan had and prefer Gungnir/Crimson setup. I also enjoyed Prime with LIO which I think is a better investment in the long run. I also got chance to to hear Prime with Vega/Crimson setup but because of so little difference I can't justify the cost especially compared to the cost of Gungnir/Crimson. I was almost ready to get Crimson and use HA-1 as a DAC only, as I was doing for a while...
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