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Will try it and report back but be aware my Crack isn't stock one
If you decide to get WA7 get tube power supply too for best sound
Even regular Flac sounds great but unfortunately had no chance to hear hi-rez one
I also had original Lyr and personally preferred 6N1P tubes over Orange Globes or Matsu 6922
BDP105 costs as much as HA-1 but also has discovered playing capabilities which not everyone needs in our days
Hopefully will be able to hear it too
So did you try BDP105 or HA-1? First try HA-1's balanced out then make any conclusion
I agree with regrilling mod, thanks to my friend Max134 it's already done but I also turned pads 90 degree so that stitches facing back because I think it's affecting how treble sound comparing to factory settings
So what difference you hear?
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