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Thanks for information, looks like it's RWAK100-S
Because it's not the case with HD800, this the best cable for HD800 I own
My Vanquish uses 4 pin mini XLR on headphones side
Clean neutral presentation of a track as a whole, i feel that treble more aggressive with Draug
+1 on the best for HD800
I own both Draug 2 and Vanquish and prefer Vanquish with HE-560
I would recommend to sell X-Sabre and get Oppo HA-1. I used to own X-Sabre when I got HA-1 so I compared them and found out they sound the same to me so I sold X-Sabre especially since it doesn't support DSD natively
Thanks for information, i will ask Vinnie if it's possible
WM8741, and you can use it as dac only not player anymore
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