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Hey, anyone found AKG DT1770?
Yes they have office in Colorado and the price mentioned is 1800 and while They're on heavy side definitely not as heavy as Audeze including LCD4 which are still too heavy
They had two pairs, one with the darker wood, which I would take over HE1000 and other, with lighter wood, and I would agree are bright
Waiting to board the plane @LGA, see you all tomorrow
Hi DanWhat forms of payment will you accept at the show?See you there
And I never saw that post either but see everyone at RMAF/Canjam
Thanks for informing since I never had Grado headphones I never had interest in their mods
What the hell is that? Never heard about it
Thanks for replying but thanks to my boss I had to book hotel and flight later so had to get hotel other than the one where the event will be happening so don't think shuttle bus will work .
Quick question for those who don't drive should I arrange a car service pickup from airport to hotel in advance or it will be easier and cheaper to use Lyft app on my phone when i will be off the plane?
New Posts  All Forums: