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No HE-560 are great addition to HD800 but not the replacement that is why I want to try 2 different cables since I read that with Draug one you can get deepest bass ever
To reduce sharpness do annax mod but for now bass goes deeper with HE-560 when using Vanquish balanced cable but I am expecting Draug 2 soon so will see what will happen
Just be aware that I prefer partial mod which uses rings only cause installing the green triangle brings sound closer to you while I prefer original version but since it easily reversible you can try every configuration to find what is best for you. But to get best sound using HA-1 balanced cable is needed
Just found out that I can get headphones with leather headband purchased in June 2013 with serial number 130XX. Are they OK?
Do annax mod and get Norne cable with 4 pin XLR . I was thinking about letting them go after trying HE-560 but after getting Vanquish cable i have changed my mind
Quick question. I heard that new cheaper T1 sound differently from original version so my question is how can I identify which is which, when they started selling new revision? The reason I am asking is that I can get one from the trade but want to make sure I have right one Thanks
It affects bass for sure
Because of the comfort you prefer Focus pads but for those who prefer Focus A pads i would recommend to turn them 90 degrees so that stitches are facing to the back cause it affects treble without changing bass or mids
I don't have any $500 amps to compare to sorry
Just something decent will do as my test shows but if you want best results i would use HA-1 balanced out for example
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