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Hoping to order one soon enough so that I get before year end. You really should make the module having TVC with tubes
So I'm using version 1.1j since Friday, wish I would know about it availability much earlier, and it sounds way way better than any previous version . I never heard HD800 having so deep punchy bass with so much body and I mean quality not just quantity. But sometimes when you start the first playback after you have your gear on, I'm turning my HA-1 off over night since stays hot all the time since it has Class A amp, so I have to switch between profiles a few times to make...
Prime and Crimson is great pairing
I don't think this is possible without using laptop to which you could attach an external hard drive
The tube module is optional and works together with RVC
If clipping then you need to reduce volume settings inside control panel, adjust both input, left side and output, right side @darin thanks for latest version, sounds much better plus fixed volume adjustment issue
Without that program I never was able to enjoy music without using EQ
I also was using EQ with all my headphones. But recently I decided to try Out of my head program and I don't need EQ anymore cause I prefer to use a preset with which recording sounds best for me . Right now I own 4 presets and planning to get one more soon cause one of my favorite album sounds best with it
Which headphones do you have?
At the recent NYC meet I have tried Alpha Prime and HE-560 with all mods except minor change Jerg made after posting his guide driven by new modular LIO Dac/Amp with 4 pin XLR out and Prime clearly had better clarity and details retrieval as well as bass depth over HE-560, the cello on the test track sounded so live and natural with each string clearly separated .
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