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The whole idea that the amp is great long term solution even if you decide to get different headphones
Do what you think is best for you, I was trying to save you money and desk space to start with while still have capabilities to make changes if needed
But HA-1 has everything already inside so no extra cables or connections and if your ever decide you want to use tubes amp for example just connect it and enjoy any sound depending on your preference
But HA-1 is great pairing with many headphones even without DSD has all necessary connections instead of those which 99.99% of users will never use
But right now it doesn't support DSD and if it ever will it will cost you extra
Yes it works great and yes I own both but my HE-560 are not stock anymore
Yes it's both DAC and amp in one package plus it has many features many others don't
Bottlehead Crack is designed for high impedance headphones so not a good match for HE-560 . If you have enough money for WA7 I would recommend to spend them for HA-1 instead cause WA7's Dac while decent should be upgraded plus you should buy tube power supply to get best performance of the amp
Sorry my mistake
Be aware that Gungnir's balanced outputs are useless cause it's clearly written on their website that analog section of the Dac is single ended .
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