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While I didn't try as many amps as Max134 I completely agree with him about Ragnarok tick Bass's so I would go with Liquid Crimson any time
OK, now I understand why you are saying that HD800 were not beaten. But I understand that some people prefer WA5 amp
There was no Cavali Liquid Crimson?
Which amp you like Ether with?
I'm well aware that some people don't like HD800 because they bright and bass light but if you would like them with those issues eliminated you would love Ether. My modded HD800 don't have those issues anymore and still Ether beat them like nothing especially in bass slam and extension . This is most realistic headphones I have heard
And sounds great with Ether
Ether don't need speakers taps, they too efficient. At the NYC meet Vinnie Rossi attached Ether to the speakers taps of the LIO and disconnected after less than 10 seconds saying not needed, too much power
For me it was Ether but remember that setups were completely different
Too me Ether are more realistic and musical then my modded HD800, unfortunately on setup I heard He-1000 they had pronounced bass but I don't is it headphones or an amp in use fault
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