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I'm happy with my grill / pads moded HE-560. But still interested to know if T1 would be better choice then HD800
Are your HD800 stock? While my HD800 have partial annax mod applied i thought the same until I got Vanquish cable and Draug 2 cable coming soon
Using open headphones indoors in the same room with other people isn't good idea but will work if you have a room all for yourself
For me having both HE-560 and HD800 is clear for now but as soon as you hear Edition 12 you are presented with very very difficult choice
While I agree about Ultrasone Pro (tried Pro 900 which sound terrible for me ) Edition 12 I heard last week and hoping to hear again this week sound completely different
I owned HD650 for almost 2 years but a good while ago and they are completely different sounding and definitely can't be considered as portable for outside use
And yes difference in bass presentation is what makes them different most of all and that's why HE-560 are great addition to HD800. And while sound stage is narrower in HE-560 you can improve it by applying grill mod. If you're looking for a sound in between, but not sure about soundstage difference yet, look for just released Edition 12 but they way more expensive
I have both and while there is similarity between them they are great addition to the other one but not the replacement which means if you are thinking to get HE-560 instead of HD800 to save some money this will not work, sorry
Can't really remember cause I heard them a good while ago but even EQ didn't help
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