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So this time I will bring Modded HD800, which are for sale so PM for details, with 4 aftermarket cables (cables will also work with Audeze and BMF headphones) and Ether with DUM cable terminated with 4 pin XLR but I have 4 pin XLR to 1/4" Jack adapter, which I bought at Canjam Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
I'm another member Max134 mentioned in his post and while I agree with what he said I want to add a few things. The silver pair of HD800 was the pair Max134 modded for me and I think he got the best what you can from them and they have Draug 2 cable. We used the same cable with LCD-XC since they use 4pin mini-XLR connectors and it helped to open up LCD-XC and it was first time I heard Audeze headphones capable of doing something that my modded can't do so well. The setup...
I just don't post frequentlySent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
What it ca do better than Ether? What Dac and amp do you use?
LCD4 definitely not worth their price since they still heavy like hell as any previous model. At the RMAF/Canjam I asked them why they can't reduce weight since it's major complain and was told the only way to reduce weight at this time is to have less magnets (LCD4 uses 16) but it will reduce efficiency significantly and they can't let it happen
A couple of hours ago I had a chance to compare ether versus Hifiman HE-X using Moon HA430 amp/dac. HE-X had deep punchy bass with plenty of impact /slam but different mids and treble presentation so could be tough competition if they decide to have 1800 price they mentioned but I definitely can't understand why anyone would pay 3k for HE1K
So what sound difference it makes?
Last weekend I attended RMAF/Canjam (my first one and now unexpectedly planning to attend next year too) so I can try some new and some current headphones to decide if I need to get complement or replacement of my modded HD800. My main contender was open Ether but I was also interested in trying HE1K on some other amps then Hifiman uses so on my way to Dan's booth I ran into Cavali Audio booth and was greeted by very friendly Alex Cavali and found out that he has both...
So I'm back to New York City and while at work finally have some time to write my impressions I only spent part of the first day at Canjam ,my first one by the way, since I was interested In some headphones only and have no interest in IEMs. First I stopped by Beyerdynamic in order to try new T1 version and I really like it but since it's soundstage is not as wide as HD800 (which is well known fact) so I didn't spend much time with them. Next I stopped by Audeze so I can...
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