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So is it production version Of HE1000?Which amp was your favorite at the Dan's desk in Nashville?
So how you compare Ether and HE1000?Unfortunately I only heard HE1000 with Hifiman setup and didn't like them
Maybe that's what will make difference, will be interesting to read your impressions
Exactly, sorry for not being specific
Vinnie have tried with LIO and said it's unnecessary
No I don't have them but had a chance to hear them at the recent NYC meet with setups Dan and Vinnie had. Sorry that I forgot to mention that
Not only the chip in use is important but it's implementation as well. You can have top of the line chip but if it's poorly implemented you will get bad sounding DAC
I'm not recording /mastering engineer but while hearing Ether driven by Liquid Crimson or LIO (regardless of volume control module used) they have most natural and lifelike instruments I ever heard . I only heard some Stax once at the meet for about few minutes so can't compare to them
They are very detailed like HD800
Plus sounds identical to my ears but will take more desk and doesn't support Dad, not sure if it is important to you
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