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You are not the first and not the last who regrets selling his headphones. If it's serious you will buy them again
Crack has 1/4" jack
As HasturYellow said some pages back it's just little display changes
I understand you well cause I invested in endgame Dac/Amp setup myself but at least I was able to hear it at the recent NYC meet
I hope it will be possible to hear and compare HE-1000 to headphones you have and like most to find out if it worth to upgrade plus comfort
But isn't HE-1000 is expected to cost around Yggy's price?
Yes they sound differently to HE-560 so for some people it would be well justified to own both but honestly if you want best sound with closed headphones it would be Alpha Prime for me
Congratulations on new revision of X vibro, they sound really good and even Dan said they sound close to Alpha Dogs
For your information I heard LCD-X with 3 different setups. Cheapest had WA5 amp, second was 4k Dac/Amp from Red wine audio and last one had GS-Xmk2 amp costing around 4k just for amp. And unfortunately with none of them bass was tight and punchy as most of us would expect but was boomy instead affecting other frequencies. I also heard HD800 with second and third setups as well as LCD-3 with second one and had no problems with the bass
Can't compare X with T1 but I heard X driven by GS-Xmk2 but it still had too much bass quantity (boomy) and it's not first time I hear same thing
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