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It's just sound signature preference, be aware I'm in minority who prefer 6N1P tubes in the Lyr over Orange Globes. You can get WA7 but you also should get tubes power supply to do the tube rolling to get sound you are after
When I had the units mentioned I got upgrade tubes for the amp and after over 100 hours I felt they gave me more refined details with a little bit deeper bass. I only heard WA7 with tubes power supply at the meets so had no chance to compare side by side but even just a few minutes gave me enough information to notice the difference between stock and tubes power supply. Even right now I'm using HA-1 as Dac only and use tubes amp to drive HD800. My attempt to get rid of...
Had no chance to hear Bifrost plus Lyr 2 but did the original Lyr against WA7 with stock power supply and preferred Shiit stack over WA7 . Also heard WA7 with tubes power supply with stock and Sylvania 5814A and would recommend it over stock power supply to improve clarity of details while 5814A tubes will affect bass
I don't want to start unwanted debate but I own 4 different cables and for me Draug 2 is the best for HD800
But you have to know how to do measurements and what those settings mean to get the proper results, while with graphic EQ you just play with the sliders until you get desired sound
That's closer to the truth
Loud enough doesn't mean they as good as intended
Yes of course
But there are examples when you will prefer one over another or when you will hear no difference whatsoever
I'm not sure if Crack or other tube amp could help bass head but I know that tube rolling when possible could make you more happy
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