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While HD650 and WA7 with stock power supply is a great pairing I would still recommend to get Bifrost Uber and use WA7 as amp only and yes I've owned both at the same time. But to get the best possible sound i would recommend to get tubes power supply too
I had no chance to hear Prime with either Mainline or SEX but I heard Alpha Dogs with SEX and Prime with high end amps such Crimson and upcoming LIO and they sounded really great so I would skip SEX to get best results
While I'm not big fan of LCD headphones but at the recent NYC meet I heard LCD-3 driven by WA7 as Dac/Amp with tube power supply with upgrade RCA 12AU7 tubes and they sounded really good with so affordable tubes
I didn't try Alpha Dogs with Crack but I did try them with SEX and they sounded really good but what surprised me most is they sounded best with CSP3 while I read that CSP amps are not recommend for planars by itself
Not with the Crack, sorry
Nothing complex, unit is intended to be connected to the computer and using playback program of your choice such as Foobar2000 for example
This impossible cause you can't choose 2 different inputs at the same time
T1 are very comfortable and if you're not planning to get low impedance headphones you should put the Crack on top of your list as an amp
Hoping to order one soon enough so that I get before year end. You really should make the module having TVC with tubes
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