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Can't really remember cause I heard them a good while ago but even EQ didn't help
For me they're dark with no sparkle
HE-560 is great complement to HD800 and no comfort issue
Thanks to Max134 I have HD800 moded exactly same way but using Vanquish cable (Draug 2 expected soon ) and also have HE-560 using same cable with appropriate adapters with all mods (thanks again to Max134 ) and very happy with the pairing. HE-560 is great addition to HD800 but not the replacement. If you're looking for something in between of both look for Edition 12 (heard Max134's pair with my setup ).
But organza works great, there should be difference which material you are using
Sorry I forgot. But they sound great with grill mod with organza and no dust screen on pads
Please do with Focus A if you have them
I doubt it will happen cause right now HE-560 are great addition to HD800 but not replacement
Just because it costs twice more money
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