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If you want sound similar to HD800 but not as bright get HE-560
Yes they need break in
I have moded one for sale
Sorry for off topic but i still have X-Sabre for sale
Don't know about X5 but RWAK100 has just enough power to drive Alpha Dogs and you better try Dog Treats before you decide to sell your Alpha Dogs
Quote: Originally Posted by MattTCG link I'm interested in picking the HA-1 for my hd800's running balanced. Anyone here with thoughts on the pairing?   thanks... That's my setup. I have the 800s connected with a moon audio balanced cable. I really enjoy it. Gets plenty loud on normal gain and the audio quality is great. +1 but i prefer to use high gain
And how many times more Zana Deux cost?
I got my tracking number too
I ordered HE-560 from headroom over the phone and after mentioning head-fi and the discount got it without problems. Also i was told that their shipment didn't arrive yet but expected either later today or tomorrow based on tracking information they have
Crack as preamp for speaks? I think you better go with Decware CSP amps for that
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