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PSU uses 12AUs so any direct replacement should work , 5814A i know work for sure because i had a chance to try Jan Sylvania ones and they improved bass depth and extension
Yes it's an improvement especially when you roll the tubes
So far i agree with your observations about sound when comparing HD800 and PM-1 but i want to try different tubes to see if there will be any change but so far i hear no reason to have PM-1 and ditch HD800Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
So thanks to Max134 i got a chance to try PM-1 with my home setup. I used X-Sabre Dac and CSP3 as well as modded SEX amp. CSP3 has 6N1P input tube and pair of Genalex Gold Lion E88CC/6922's plus RCA 5Y3 black plates recertifier. All music is either FLAC or APE using foobar with ASIO output. I'm using Voxengo Curve EQ because with it off music sounds dull and lifeless. So i was playing multiple tracks of different genres ranging from jazz to heavy metal but no rap or hip...
Sorry if it's wasn't clear but i mean that PM-1 are very comfortable and you can easily forget that you have them on while i can have LCDs for just 30 seconds only so see no reason to pay extra $700 for the pain on my head which gives no improvement in sound quality. But because of discomfort of LCD was unable to compare soundstage
If comfort isn't an issue and you best sound for your money than choice is too easy it's PM-1 because after trying LCD-X on the same setup as PM-1 i heard nothing what would wort paying extra $700 except discomfort i can tolerate for just 30 seconds
If comfort is critical for you the choice is much more easier
At the NYC meet i heard SACD Dark Side of the Moon with Eddie Current 2A3 Mk2 amp and it sounded great but i had to switch earpads but your preference could be different Sent from my LG-V500 using Tapatalk
My favorite but not commonly popular
Just curious which tubes you use with Lyr?
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