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RS2e below 9k now... seems like the time to buy!!!       http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00L1O64X6/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new
 Actually I heard it is the father pair that has the boosted bass.  
 Thanks for this, been looking for a stand for my 507.  Was going to go with a Omega stand but will probably go instead with the Stax one and dust cover from Elusive disc.  Should have ordered it with the 507 and got 10% off.  Crap.
I use JRiver's volume leveling that keeps the differences between tracks on the same album so I don't need to keep messing with the volume knob when changing albums.  The SRM-323S goes from 0-10 and I listen dead on 4 or what would be 11:00 on a clock.  That measures 76 dB average on a pink noise track using a SPL meter from radio shack.  This is using a Gungnir single ended to the 323S into a SR-507.   If I use Spotify or iTunes I have to keep playing with the volume...
HD 800 got a new friend to play with, a Stax SR-507 and SRM-323S amp.    
 This is the only Q cables I know of.  Linky
 I'll just unplug my TH-900 from it's amp and go back to the full-size headphone forum...  *walks away sad with head down and headphone cord dragging behind*
Agreed.  I was just being funny, trying to add a little humor here.  
 Someone found the X2 better in sound quality than the TH-900 and all hell has now broken loose.
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