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Trying to sell off some of my gear as I don't use them much anymore.  Headphones have minimal use as I listen to my HD800/TH900 95% of the time.   STAX SR-507 was bought from Elusive Disc, so they are the US version. Excellent condition.   They have always been placed back in the bag they come with when not in use to prevent dust.  Includes original box and packaging. I'm the second owner of the STAX 323S.  It came originally from Justin at, so this is the...
 HD600 is about as close to perfect I've heard in a headphone.  It is very natural sounding to me, instruments and voices sound spot on.  If I had to live with one headphone it would be the HD600, great recordings sound amazing and bad recordings sound great as well.  TH900 is nice for a change of pace but I wouldn't want it for my only headphone.
1. Sennheiser HD600 2. Sennheiser HD800 3. Audeze LCD 2.2 (non-fazor) 4. Sennheiser HD650 5. Fostex TH900 or STAX SR-507 (Tie) 7. Grado SR80i
The TH900 was bought this year from Razordogaudio brand new.  Excellent condition practically new.  Comes with original box, manual, headphone stand, bag, everything that was originally included is there.  They were always covered when not in use to prevent dust.  Non-smoking, non-pet home.  No mods have ever been made on these, they are stock.   Fostex TH900 - $900 Gifted or you cover paypal fee.   Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.       Not interested in trades.  US...
Thanks guys!  I've wanted a VPI for years and finally pulled the trigger.  
My current setup.  Turntable is to the left.        
Here is mine  :)      
+1 for the Soloist and TH900.  I don't have any problem with the treble on that combo and the bass sounds a bit tighter and faster out of the Soloist, it can sound boomy out of other amps I've tried.  HD800/HD6X0 sounds amazing with the Soloist also.
Nice pics Matt, these look much better than the HEK imo.
I think the USA version is black and Japan is Silver.
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