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 Sorry, didn't realize.  When I had the Meridian Explorer it was also USB powered and I left it on all the time.
Couldn't you plug the Modi into some kind of surge protector and use the switch on that to turn the Modi on and off.
Yeah, my PS500 came with L-Cush when I bought them from HeadRoom
I bought my first pair in 2010 or '11 can't remember but they were the silver version also.
Also the HD600 sounds just fine to me straight out of a Kindle Fire HDX.
Gungnir sounds pretty amazing with the LCD-2 as well.
 E9 does a good job with the HD650.  I had that setup for a while when I started and loved it.
Yeah my thoughts as well on Mjolnir + HD650/HD600.  The Senns have probably 90% of my head time with the Audeze usually gathering dust.  I feel confident saying the HD650 or HD600 are my end-game headphone.
Hi, I'm also a Senn guy and I like Grado headphones as well.  There I said it!  Whew, glad that's off my chest.   
 Yeah, when I arrive home after work I usually fire up the gungnir and mjolnir first thing then when I'm ready to listen they are good and warm.
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