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Just popping in real quick to say thanks for the great inputs!
Can you make a quick comment on the MKII being compared to the Anedio D2? I know there is a huge price discrepency $500 vs $1500. Specifically on the USB to Headphone section on both units. I'm really interested in the Anedio D2, but was wondering if you think it's worth the investment or just go with the Anedio D2 or start with MKII as a first desktop dac/amp combo.   Right now I'm using the iBasso D12 and has been enjoying it a lot with different phones K702,...
I'm really interested in this combination as well. Specifically, whether the D7K would work well with the default 10 ohm output?
So... if you plug in an IEM into the Lyr... would it kaput even at very low volumes?
Haha~   @Bubbacritz, more specifically, the Topkit is assembled by HiFlight himself
Inevitably, definitely waiting for someone to pit this against the RSA SR-71B when it's released.
I just received the email to pay from Jeremy, V3 pad are on the way now!
Pick one of these up then you're good to go!
  Originally Posted by HiFlight:   Yes, this is normal behavior.  As the power reserve in the caps is exhausted, the opamps often oscillate a bit before shutting down completely.    Such sound is perfectly harmless.           It's normal, don't worry about it.
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