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First and last price drop to $275 + shipping + PayPal fees, will sell on first come first payment basis.
Still available and itching for a new home :)
Just so everyone is clear when reading this listing, these are 650s with the updated SILVER drivers, not with a SILVER DRAGON cable.
Nov 9th Update - Price Drop to $275 + Shipping + PayPal fees - this is the lowest I will go, do not attempt to low ball.   These headphones were purchased on October 31, 2010 through Sonic Sense who is an authorized Sennheiser retailer.  These are the updated HD 650's with the silver drivers as can be seen in the picture.   The condition of the headphones are great.  There have been no mods done to these headphones, they are in stock condition.  I do not see any...
Sound Professionals are authorized Audio Technica dealer I believe so like others said, at least give it a fair shake for a week.    
Are you sure they are not fake?  Where did you buy them from?
I find this to be fully plausible and that is part of the reason why I created this thread..I am having a tough time to tell if I simply don't like the 650's, or if I am not driving them properly so I have no clue if I truly like them or not, for example.  Unfortunately, I have slim pickens to choose from to do A/B comparisons, but I did enjoy the Audio Technica AD700's while I had them, and I could probably still get a hold of a pair for a comparison but it's not really...
I think a lot of the problem that I have is that I don't have the proper knowledge of audio terms to correctly articulate what I really want..all I can say without a shadow of a doubt is that I don't like the Hi-Fi sound of my current setup, being 650 from STX with electronica music..but I do like it with the EQ I posted a screenshot of earlier..I am not sure if any amount of hardware would change the sound of the cans to what I want them to be, which I guess was my...
http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/525551/headamp-gilmore-lite Is this the G-Lite you were talking about?  You think this is the best budget amp for the 650?  Does it matter that I prefer a lot of treble and a warmish sound, as shown by the Dance preference  on the EQ?  I am not sure if amps provide specific sound signatures or not, which is why I ask.  
Welp for me it's more about quality..if I need an amp that is going to take up my max budget then I have no problem getting that and a DAC later..based on your recommendation I can assume that you think an amp is a bigger upgrade than a new DAC right now?  
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