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@s. mirus:   Thank you very much for providing your thoughts and insights on the LPS-1.  Very helpful.
For those who have tried the new Nuforce LPS-1 with their HDP's, it would be very nice if you could share your detailed opinions regarding the improvement in sound quality you get with the LPS-1, if any, over just using the HDP with the stock power supply
I'm curious to hear also how difficult it is to assemble the kit.  The price sure seems reasonable.  
Most, if not all, media players have built in EQ that can be adjusted.
Great news.  Thanks.    
I'm also interested in more info about how the new Nuforce PSU affects the performance of the HDP.  If it makes a significant difference I would probably be interested in perhaps purchasing one, especially if they offer some kind of discount or incentive to existing HDP owners.   I hope that Nuforce will update this thread when the PSU becomes available and consider offering some kind of introductory "new product" discount to existing HDP owners.
Can anyone suggest some good sources to purchase a Sigma 11?  Getting tired of waiting for the Nuforce option.
Congrats on getting an HDP!  Hope you continue to enjoy it.  Btw, external power is an advantage because it is cleaner and less subject to interference.  Also, the external power supply can be upgraded at some point if you ever want.  Supposedly that further improves the performance although I haven't tried it so can't say from personal experience.   The HDP pairs exceptionally well with the HD650's imo.              
The slightly bright sound of the HDP pairs well with the lush warm sound of the 650's thus there is great synergy between the HDP and the HD650.  I'm really happy with that combination.  
My set up in my sig works flawlessly through USB using WASAPI.  Before I used WASAPI I would get an occasional audio glitch every now and then, just enough to be annoying.  WASAPI completely eliminated that and my HDP is dead silent (except for the music) with both my IEMs and my HD650's.  It entirely cut any W7 or computer generated glitches out of the chain.  I really am quite satisfied, indeed thrilled, with the sound I'm getting for both music and video through my...
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