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Or pork shots?
Definitely something wheat. Gotta love summer beers. Having an All Day IPA myself.
  I have the 1051s and love them. I'd buy that pair if I had the extra scratch.
 I think it takes ten posts. Looking forward to seeing it!
Perhaps. If a 596 goes, what would be the down stream effect on say my Glenn OTL? I should know this by now...
My chest hurts seeing that, SO.
 I have one for you. I hard-wired the HE-6 and don't need the stock cable. Shoot me a PM.
  +1 Hope y'all are doing well. 
After CanJam this year, I can't imagine missing one. I'd love to meet everyone.
I saw that too! When I went by the tape deck on the other side was playing. Very cool to see.
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