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  I've read a few of these before. I forgot all about it.
There is one here for $400, but I have a 1250 and a 1980, so it is hard to justify. And there is the 980 on AK...
  I wish my company would do this. I had a supervisor who tried to implement a system to reward efficiency - if the team hit the build goal, you get to go home and are paid until the end of your shift. The caveat was it had to be done with quality. If the FPY (first pass yield) dropped, you stayed to rework. Unfortunately, it never got off the ground.
 I always found them muddy and congested as well. I did like the 3, but I still prefer the HE-6.
I'm using some McIntosh XR1051 with my 1980, but I picked up the Pioneer S-1010 from Skylab and they are pretty fantastic as well.
And that was the store doing the packaging with insurance, yes?
  Standing invitation! It's not a castle, but there will be eats and bubbly.   I'll check with him. I believe it is about two hours from my place. That will really save on shipping. I guess I could get the 1980 and 1250 done at the same time. It will get me listening to my Marantz.
  Thank you for the kind words! It works out for both of us I believe. With all of the 1250 talk, I really want to get mine going. It seems to have a problem in one channel. I should see about talking to one of the cats who do re-cap/restoration. It really is in minty condition.
    Also, on that note, if anyone has a G-22000 they are looking to move....  In reality, I'll probably go for the MHA-100 now.
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