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Glad to hear it worked out! I forgot to mention I had the pictures of my build on my user gallery. I was looking to see how I had it grounded. Moot point now I suppose. What speakers are you using?
The other thing that comes to mind is a ground loop. I'll have to crack mine open and take a look. Or maybe I have pictures...I'll look and get back to you.
As for the buzzing, did you install the jack with the updated instructions on Pete's website? I think there are resistors added to the rear legs of the jack. I'd have to look to be sure.   I would reflow the solder joints just to be sure for the channel issue. Might be something faulty driving the tube. It's been a while but I recall transistors inside...did one get too much heat on install?
 That is the best thing I have ever read.
As long as the tube is inserted into the socket correctly, there will be no problem. I have a few tubes with a broken guide pin and have had no issues.
I'll admit it, that's brilliant. I wonder how it will work with shredded hashbrowns... I know what I'm doing for dinner.
Happy New Year to all my friends here! I hope it's a wonderful year for you all.
 I listened to the combo a couple of weeks ago. I decided right then I was getting one. I compared it to the WA5-LE (with LOTS of upgrades) and still preferred the MHA100.
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