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On a side note, I put together a 386DX MS-DOS 6.0 based computer to play old games on. Star Control II, Pax Imperia, Duke Nukem 1 and 2...all the good ones. Oooh..I have Utopia around somewhere too.
I played LSL 3 a little, but I had a cracked copy that didn't play right. I did play a lot of the Space Quest games from that same era. I really liked those.
Mine was $600 unrestored and now it's sitting on the sideline needing some TLC.
 Tecmo Super Bowl!
Mine are sometimes naughty:       Exhibit A: Karma on top of my Polk tower.   I need to get another do-dad to put on the speaker. I have one on the left channel and it seems to keep them off of the top.
 I have been pretty luck with my two furballs. They leave my cables alone and haven't been interested in my tubes.
  I support measurements for most of our NPD projects. The challenges I run into are prints with lots of GD&T unrelated to the function of the part or not to the standard. Most of the engineers are open to making changes to the prints. Unfortunately, those few who are obstinate tend to lead the teams. I echo Ableza's comment: I admire Schiit's R&D work.
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