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I think I will have to swap some speakers around. Perhaps add a pair. I have the Mac XR1051 on the 1980 right now, with HPM-100s and S-1010s on "standby". I'd like to give some Cornwalls a try.
 I am really stoked to have it coming. I have to build a new rack to accommodate it though - the one I had barely fits the SX-1980 or the 1250. I guess that isn't a bad problem to have!
All this great food is making my fast food dinner and PBR feel inadequate.
  +1 I agree with this.
  I spent mine in sunny Florida this year. Next year? I'm thinking Euro tour.
I gave it a quick listen with the PM-1 at AXPONA. It was very good, but I think I liked the Alpha Dogs better.
Looking good, Rob!
I would also look at plugging one or both of the ports on the rear.
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