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 Done! Thanks.
  I'll be there for sure. I'll have some cans to play with too. I can't wait. I liked the 560 at canjam - I plan to have a T1 and HE-6.
AXPONA? I would love to hear the LIO again.
If it makes you feel any better, I don't recall hearing the term at all. That being said, I'm curious now - it seems like a good idea to know before I try my hand at building an amp (that isn't a kit).
[[SPOILER]]   Claim Jumpers and Seasons 52 - both had excellent food! Bummer about the snow...
Generic thoughts and rambling in no particular order (and all of it my opinion):   RHA - I listened to both the R10 and the 750i. While I preferred the 750, the R10 is no slouch. I ordered the 750i on Sunday and have been using them at work since they arrived. I love the isolation they provide and they sound awesome. I let one of my co-workers try them out and she's planning to buy a pair.   HiFiMAN - The HE1000. I have the HE-6 and absolutely love them. Or at least...
I'm thinking about it. Bit of a commitment though!
Wow. That's pretty awesome. I think my best deal was the 2265B for $150.
   I think I saw one go for $500 on AK recently.
I'll just leave this here:
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