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Hello MR. Fitz! It's pretty awesome he uses the scratching posts like that. When I took in my two, they had all claws removed already, so they are indoors only.
I finally got around to building a rack to hold some of my receivers. Here they are in their temporary home (building a basement bar/ listening area). I still don't have it hooked up, but I'm looking to this weekend.       Top to bottom: Sansui RA-500, B22, Pioneer SX-525, SX-650, SX-1250, SX-1980 and SX-D7000. Emotiva XDA3 stuck in there too. Speakers are HPM-100s.
 I grabbed a 4pk for the weekend. Mind have to jump on the whiskey idea too. Perfect pairing to go with the OTL, T1s and some excellent music.
Quote:    I don't know about that...seemed high up to me. Skylab is just tall.
   That stack looks amazing.
 Yup! I'm supposed to hear from the dealer today. If I can't get the burl finish, I'll be getting piano black. And a duster.
  /wave  Between your OTL and SOs, I had to get one. I can't get over how awesome the T1s sound with it. I was thinking about adding the 300B to the stable, but I have Wharfedale Jade 3s incoming, so I really need something more suited to driving those.
  Thanks! I used the flash at the start of a timed exposure with the room completely dark to get that one. The tube aren't quite that bright. Looked neat though. :)
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