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  I ate at the location next to the hotel at AXPONA. That was a great meal! Jose and I ran into Dan "Mr. Speakers" and Jack Wu and his team while we were there.
Well, I don't know.....     Ok, I lied. I can't turn that down. As soon as my HE-6s are back from Robert, it's a party!
On a side note, I put together a 386DX MS-DOS 6.0 based computer to play old games on. Star Control II, Pax Imperia, Duke Nukem 1 and 2...all the good ones. Oooh..I have Utopia around somewhere too.
I played LSL 3 a little, but I had a cracked copy that didn't play right. I did play a lot of the Space Quest games from that same era. I really liked those.
Mine was $600 unrestored and now it's sitting on the sideline needing some TLC.
 Tecmo Super Bowl!
Mine are sometimes naughty:       Exhibit A: Karma on top of my Polk tower.   I need to get another do-dad to put on the speaker. I have one on the left channel and it seems to keep them off of the top.
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