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As long as the tube is inserted into the socket correctly, there will be no problem. I have a few tubes with a broken guide pin and have had no issues.
I'll admit it, that's brilliant. I wonder how it will work with shredded hashbrowns... I know what I'm doing for dinner.
Happy New Year to all my friends here! I hope it's a wonderful year for you all.
 I listened to the combo a couple of weeks ago. I decided right then I was getting one. I compared it to the WA5-LE (with LOTS of upgrades) and still preferred the MHA100.
  I picked mine up for $600. It was a little rough on the face and the antenna was broken. The seller gave me a replacement piece though. One channel has gone scratchy on me after it runs for a while - the heat sinks get hot too. It really needs to visit a tech. At the time, I thought I got a decent price, but for what it will cost in repairs, I should have paid the $1000-1200 for a restored unit. I see them on AK from time to time.
  I've read a few of these before. I forgot all about it.
There is one here for $400, but I have a 1250 and a 1980, so it is hard to justify. And there is the 980 on AK...
  I wish my company would do this. I had a supervisor who tried to implement a system to reward efficiency - if the team hit the build goal, you get to go home and are paid until the end of your shift. The caveat was it had to be done with quality. If the FPY (first pass yield) dropped, you stayed to rework. Unfortunately, it never got off the ground.
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