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Will this be a 'burned in' unit for the tour? 
Could not agree more. I've been using Bryan as my 'go to cable guy' for years now & for a number of projects ranging from a custom IC to allow me to connect to my Naim pre amp to a cable for my Grados, Senn 650's and most recently my THX-00 (As yet unfitted to my eternal shame!) Bryan is a great guy to deal with and WILL NOT shine your just to make a sale. I trust his advice implicitly and his work has never failed to impress me  If you are in the market for a re-cable, IC...
Ah! Memories of my Alpha 3 integerated and later 170 transport, that thing was fantastic! *EDIT* Would love a place on the UK tour 
As awful as these things are, I too own a pair. They're ok for what they are. I've been looking for some velour pads for them without success (The pleather makes my ears sweat something terrible!) In my quest I've found them on eBay. A search there should get you what you need my friend :D
Just scored a Soloist SL on the classifieds. Winging its was to me from Aus as I type. Impressions to follow at some point after I've lived with it for a while :D
How much posted to the UK? (Assuming you are willing to send it and it runs 240v) Paul
I'm in Shirehampton. Moved to the Bristol area in my early teens, about '84ish. Got back from dialysis today to find they'd been with mine - AND LEFT THEM UNDER THE CAR FFS! Bloody Yodel. Still in box, impressions to follow at some point. We'll have to arrange a mini meet!!
I have always used on my D2k & will be fitting to the Fostex a Beyer DT headband cover as it's just held on with poppers. Does the job perfectly & is mucho comfy. Have a Lawton tune up kit, angle pads & a custom cable ready to fit. Excited much???
Ransom paid this morning 😐 Where in bristle are you too? (How Bristolian is that?)
Ooo!!! Share please! 
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