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D2000 every time for me!
Duc is a nice guy to deal with and was patient with me until I had the chance to post them out to him (HD650's and stock cable). Be happy to deal with again. Paul.
650's now sold - Woodies and cable still available. Clou = £40 inc p&p. Paduak standard depth Woodies =£60 inc p&p (Or sensible offers considered of course!)
Quote: Originally Posted by jonathanjong Do you have the stock cables? If so, would that make the HD650 + stock 135 quid plus extra for intl shipping? I guess you'd be looking down the barrel of £150 inc shipping for the stock items. Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by anadin Hi, would you consider selling the Clou RED JASPIS cable on its own, im UK based thanks. Yup - £40 delivered for the Clou Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by steviebee Price w/ the woodies? I'd be looking to realise £225 delivered including the woodies Click thumbie for a bigger pic... Bumpage!
2 day bumpage - you know you wan't 'em peeps!
** HD650's now sold - Cable and woodies still available ** Well, sad times indeed I have amassed one to many pairs of ;phones during my Head-Fi membership and on pain of death from the 'other half', these have to go to a new home. The 650's are about 3 years old I guess with about 600 hours on them so they're nicely burned in. No damage/dinks/scratches - Just as they were when they left the factory in Ireland! I am selling complete with a Clou Cables RED JASPIS cable...
Cheap flight > go shopping > go home again + 1x HD800?
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