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Hope customs don't get their sticky digits on mine! Thieving feckers!  
Give Bryan at Zynsonix - http://www.zynsonix.com/home.html a shout. He's been making me outstanding cables of al descriptions for years and is my "go to" cable guy. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed in either the quality of his work or the lead time on products ordered. Paul.
Errr - Hi! 
Hi guys, Also doing the dreaded wait but I have my D2k to tide me over until they arrive. My question is this - Has anyone fitted the Lawton tune up kit to the X-00's? Impressions? Ta!
Is it May yet? Loosing... the... will...
Just been charged - Drop completed. Let's hope they make it here in one piece now!
I have owned the DT770 250 and never found the trebel particularly sibilant. I think you'd enjoy them :)
Damn you impulse buying! Drop joined Will they usurp the D2k though???
We have lost a legend. Enjoy the view Major Tom.
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