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  I think I chimed in when I said I regretted buying them.  I was very unimpressed by them, but there is a whole thread about how people were either impressed or unimpressed by them.  
Ultrasone Edition 10s.
Listening for ones self is believing, unless you know for certain you share the same impressions of everything that the other person does, which I have not seen yet.  Even when people agree on here, they seem to really be in disagreement to some extent.  I like my Bifrost, I don't really feel like burn-in has changed much of anything.  Its a nice sounding DAC for the money, I certainly think it punches above its league, I don't feel like it punches 3x its league as some...
On November 1st that last remaining remnant of ITT in electronics and communications will be known as something else, haha.  
Current owners shouldn't have the USB boards to need the Firmware update.
I don't think anyone has gotten their, USB versions yet.
  The question last I checked was asked last week, where we were told hopefully next week, since now its next week, I got curious.  
For the record I have not bothered Schiit during all of this.  I prepaid in full at the pre order.  I've asked once, when it was coming.  
Jason, any better of an idea when the USB units will ship?
Damn, I am like order number 9 and I haven't gotten my tracking info yet.  
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