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Foobar2000 on Window is free, even with plugins. All of my DSD/DXD played fine. With the only exceptions to change tracks from DSD get an error first time.   Audirvana+ from 74$, JRMC19 ~50$ (+ DSD plugins?)   On Mac everything should work out of the box or with few clicks, but have to pay. And you don't need to know about the background...
I have tried built in player (called Music), but I don't like that... Usually 2 players I use: PowerAmp, and USB Audio Player Pro. The last one for files which are higher than CD Quality, as this one can do bitperfect playback.
Brand new black Geek Out 450 for sale!   Used for only few times, fully functional, no scratch or any damage.   I have 2pcs, and decided to sell 1 as I cannot use this for portable use. (I will keep Apex Glacier instead this)   Preferred to sell in EU, but anything is possible.   Price contains shipping cost in EU (preferred DPD) with all, and with Paypal payment.   Big pics are here.
Yes, same happened with Pebble watch.Some folks - they did payment probably 1 year before - did not get te watch, but they already sold on Bestbuy.Anyway, that product is working, this is not. What they showed here:"After a little research into just how large the Android market share is, Larry and I did an obligatory facepalm and started to work figuring out how to implement Geek on Android devices.  With...
Why? They want to make everyone happy:)  Anyone interested in Geek Out 450? I will sell it soon...preferred in EU.
Does not work with my Samsung Galaxy S3, and othets reported same with S4.   We are waiting for firmware update, which is maybe will arrive in few weeks, but off course LH offered kindly to "buy" Geek Wave...haha
Price lowered again!
Price lowered!
TTVJ Apex High Fi Audio Glacier for sale, preferred within EU, as it is located in Hungary. In original box with the pivided USB cable. In good condition, battery life is still very good, about 10hours. Few light scratches, only some part of the inscriptions are missing.   260 EUR with some traceable shippig (to EU with DPD), Paypal accepted.   Big pics are here.
But my eyes are too sensitive, just as my ears :)
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