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For connecting my CEntrance HiFi-M8 to my studio monitors.   PM me if you know where I can buy one or have one made! If you're a cable maker we can negotiate a reasonable price.
This is my workhorse DACport, in perfect working order. I've taken great care of this thing and it's in very good physical condition. I also am including the USB cable, belt clip, and the little faux-velvet pouch. Pics to come; I'm at work right now. $230, shipped to CONUS.      
I'm in for the pre-order!
Funny man.
True. If we are expected to use the full-size XLR jacks for our full-size balanced headphones, the power should definitely be there. Version 2 (more battery life, smaller balanced jack, single-ended jack) can be a bit less powerful, probably. Of course, why not both? :)
What would happen if I tried to connect my balanced studio monitors to the XLR outs? Explosion? 
Top of the post says "We are considering a second device..." doesn't sound definitive to me.
I'm wondering if the announcement of a new Apple dock connector will change any of the plans here at all...the fact that it's all-digital should make things easier for DAC manufacturers, right?
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