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Not myself, but I have a friend that has quite extensively (he's an electrical engineer), and he's willing to help. Thanks for the thread, I'll read through it this evening. Mark
I would definitely like to just do a full recable. Is it much more difficult in a case such as this where I have to rip the cable out of the cans rather than just disconnect the connecters? Is there a reference as to how to do this more complicated procedure? I've looked through the sticky's (admittedly about a year ago), and if I recall they walk throughs all deal with recabling where you are only building a cable with connecters on both sides. Thanks, Mark
Howdy, I got a set of igrados with the first run in September, and have used them heavily since then (about 2 to 5 hours per day). About 3 weeks ago I started having trouble with the right channel. It would go in and out and require me to wiggle the plug a big. About one week ago it finally went. I am assuming from the plug wiggling that it isn't the dirver, but has something to do with the cable. Do I just need to recable them? If so, has anyone done this yet? I can...
I'm trying to sell my 40G ipod photo. I use it a lot, and in the last month it has frozen on my twice, once needing a hard reset, and once needing to be restored. As such, I need to get somthing more reliable (I'm in law school, and get very irritable when I don't have music to study to), and am selling this one. It is in great aesthetic condition, and says Bombastic on the back. I am selling it with a dock, wall charger, usb cable, and fire wire cable. The accessories...
I played ET competitively for a bit around the same time I got into hifi gear. I was using a set of Senn HD 580s with a headsave Classic, and later a Gilmore Lite. In general I can say that if you want to get an amp and a set of cans and spend $400, go for a set with a big sound stage (most Sennheiser cans, A900, etc.) and you are going to be set. I think the A900 are so acclaimed because they don't need an amp, and deliver great on the sound stage level. I would stay away...
Personally I just got the igrados for that exact purpose, and love them. Todd at TTVJ is offering a $10 discount if you've never purchased there before, so they come to $46 after shipping, within your budget. They are slightly big, so when I'm outside in the cold its a blessing, but when I go for a run on the treadmill it can get annoying. Overall I am more than willing to deal with it for the sound quality. Target
^ Great starter amp for the new headfier that wants just one amp for both their home time and their travel. Also a great amp for the veteran headfier that wants a great portable amp at a great price. Target
I just purchased Lenny's stock HD650 cable. Shipping was prompt, and the item came in great condition. Would gladly buy from him again. Target
Weekly bump for more info. For those interested, the input for this amp is an eighth inch mini on the side, and the output is a quarter inch output on the side. Batteries are easily changed by taking two screws off the back door and swapping them out. Mark
Bump for a price drop. Looking for $170 shipped. This is a great deal for anyone that wants to have one amp for both home and travel. Mark
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